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The DHAA is committed to providing superior services and support.

We’ve significantly enhanced the DHAA membership. Additional benefits now include exclusive professional indemnity insurance, access to a pro bono legal hotline, increased data-driven risk management, CPD events and a personal CPD management area.

DHAA indemnity insurance

Broader cover at highly competitive rates.
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Exclusive member discounts

Save on a range of household names.
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Member-focused CPD Events

Providing countrywide CPD opportunities.
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DHAA Professional Indemnity Insurance
Our exclusive insurance program and enhanced membership is industry-leading

Professional Indemnity insurance exists to protect you and pay claims. Regardless of experience and diligence, all practicing healthcare professionals can make an error or omit information and therefore ultimately have a claim made against them.

It’s important you have the most comprehensive coverage, and support from experts in insurance, legal and risk management.

The DHAA has partnered with BMS, a global insurance broker with dedicated teams in Melbourne & Ottawa specialising in Allied Health Association Insurance programs. BMS provides coverage for more than 350,000 healthcare and regulated professionals through 50+ associations across Australia and Canada.

Membership now has unbeatable value

As well as automatically receiving $20m professional indemnity cover, you now have:

  • Broader coverage, including Unlimited Retroactive Cover, and for Legal Defence and Court Attendance costs;
  • 30 minutes of free, confidential advice through a pro bono legal hotline if you receive a notification or have a claim made against you;
  • Data-driven risk management material;
  • Increased CPD support.

It’s important to note that your coverage is on a “claims made” basis, which means you must have coverage at the time a claim is made against you, regardless of when the “incident” took place.

Therefore, you must maintain continuity of professional indemnity cover by renewing your policy annually to ensure you remain protected.

For more details on the insurance being offered visit the BMS website.

For more detailed information on your policy, sign in to the member’s section.

Frequently asked questions

An open Q&A session was conducted on Facebook at the time of the launch of the DHAA Professional Indemnity insurance.

Answers to the most commonly asked questions were then collated into a single PDF which you can download here.

DHAA Member Discounts
Save money on a wide range of products and services

From hotels to healthcare and car hire to computers you’ll save money on a wide range of household names.

The DHAA have partnered with Member Benefits Australia to bring you outstanding savings and discounts on a wide range of products and services. See more.

Each month all members will receive a monthly email that highlights the best and latest deals.

CPD Events Calendar
Fun and relevant opportunities across the country

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a critical part of maintaining our professional status. As dental practitioners we are all required to meet the Dental Board of Australia’s registration standard.

The DHAA CPD committee are constantly striving to find fun and engaging events for members to attend.
Each state will promote these events via email and social media so that we, as dental practitioners, can maintain, improve and broaden our knowledge, expertise and competence.

All actively practicing dental practitioners we are required to complete a minimum of 60 hours of CPD activities over a three-year cycle.

As part of your DHAA membership you will be granted discounted access to all DHAA organised events. Many of these events will automatically update your within your online membership profile.

DHAA Membership Pricing
$460 per annum
$50 per annum

$260 per annum
$50 per annum

Please note: All DHAA memberships now run annually from 1 July to 30 June. If you join or re-new mid-year then your membership fee will be pro-rated accordingly.

Key benefits that are suitable for everyone

For student members
During training, assistance will be offered through the mentoring process by DHAA members, lectures will be given by DHAA members and membership of the national association.

Post graduate
There are many opportunities for CPD seminars. We strive to bring a range of speakers to present on relevant and topical issues as well as a range of free online CPD.

Being a member indicates your commitment to the profession of oral health and provides opportunities to network, mentor, lead and develop relationships with other oral health professionals. Have a voice in your future and get involved with the profession.

Grants, funds & scholarships
We encourage members in the field of research. the DHRF is open for applications from current members. The DHAA commits oil health project grant is available to innovative members actively making a difference in our community.

Oral Health Promotion
We are a key stakeholder and a voice for the profession in oral health in Australia. We work for expansion of duties, scope of practice and enhanced recognition. We continually promote the profession and lobby Government to improve the oral health of all Australians.

Industrial Relations
In conjunction with an Industrial Relations consultant we have developed the DHAA IR hotline. You can access latest employment contracts and confidential IR advice when needed.

Stay in touch
As a DHAA member you will be first to receive the DHAA Bulletin. Features, interviews and news accompany political alerts, CPD event information, policy and procedure updates and other resources. We have our own private member group to discuss Oral Health related issues.

Help support the association that supports you.