Support World Oral Health Day – Tuesday 20 March

Image supporting The DHAA are urging it's members to support World Oral Health Day 2018

World Oral Health Day is on Tuesday, 20 March, and we would love to see our members actively involved in promoting the values of good oral health.

How can you get involved?
We have created this simple toolkit so that you can easily demonstrate your support of this global campaign for better oral health awareness. Basically the kit comprises of a Facebook cover photo and sample content for social media posts.

We will also be posting content on the DHAA Facebook page during the day so that you can share this as well. The more of us that get involved the louder our message will become.

World Oral Health Day is our chance to promote the critical role that we, as oral health professionals, have as partners in prevention. The DHAA urge you to get involved!

This year’s theme for WOHD is ‘Say Ahh: Think Mouth. Think Health’; it encourages people to make the connection between their oral health and their general health and wellbeing.

What are the aims of the campaign?

  • To educate people on the intrinsic link between oral health and general health, advocating preventive care, early detection, and treatment as key to reducing oral diseases and associated health complications.
  • To raise awareness on the benefits of addressing oral disease risk factors shared with other NCDs – namely unhealthy diet, particularly one high in sugars, tobacco use and the harmful use of alcohol – for improving both oral and general health.
  • To encourage people to adopt good oral hygiene habits and follow the advice of oral health professionals, helping them understand the impact of oral diseases on their overall health and well-being.
  • Advocate integrated action by policymakers to address the oral disease burden in the context of other health priorities and ensure oral health professionals play their role in educating patients on the wider implications of protecting their oral health.

Who are we targeting?

  • General public
  • Oral health practitioners
  • Policymakers

How you can help
There are a number of ways we can build awareness on March 20.

Update your Facebook cover photo – download it here.

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"Today is World Oral Health Day! I’m proud to be a dental hygienist and your partner in prevention. Did you know your mouth is a mirror to your body, reflecting your overall health? Watch this video for easy steps to prevent oral disease. #WOHD18 #SayAhh #DHAA

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The DHAA will post throughout the day highlighting WOHD. Like, comment and share to drive awareness. The posts will link to stories about how oral health is linked to general health and wellbeing.

Need more info?
There are lots of resources available, including posters and brochures at