Women on top

Okay so climbing the career ladder is a whole lot easier than it used to be, but it’s still a comfort to know that you have people fighting your corner. Here at the DHAA, we are constantly looking for new processes and partnerships to assist our members in progressing and developing their careers as Dental Hygienists and Oral Health Therapists.

So it comes as very good news that Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) has just launched a third program in their portfolio of women’s leadership development programs – sorry guys but this one’s especially for the ladies!

With this third program there is now an unprecedented line up of leadership programs specifically designed for women:

  1. Advanced Leadership Program  – Aimed at senior managers, directors and executive level women
  2. Executive Ready  – Aimed at mid-level managers and leaders looking to take the next step into an executive role
  3. Accelerated Leadership Performance Program – Aimed at aspiring talent and women starting their journeys in managerial roles.

‘How does that affect me?’ I hear you ask. Well the WLA have secured scholarship funding for the Health sector across all three of these programs and as part of their Association Partner Program, all DHAA members will be exclusively eligible to apply for scholarship funding throughout the year.

If you’re interested in finding out more you can download an Expression of Interest form here.

Should you wish to discuss the initiative in more detail please contact Ian Johnson at the office of the National Industry Scholarship Program, Women and Leadership Australia on 03 9270 9016 or via [email protected].

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About Women & Leadership Australia

Women & Leadership Australia is a national initiative dedicated to supporting a higher representation of female leadership throughout the Australian workforce and the broader community.

Focused on developing leadership capability, enabling career progression and assisting women to more effectively manage the opposing challenges of career and life, WLA has become a highly regarded provider of leadership education to Australian women.

Through a powerful national network, Women & Leadership Australia regularly connects with thousands of individuals, providing on-going support and advice at every stage of their leadership journey.

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