Wembley Winners!

What a success our half day seminar at Wembley Bendat Centre was! The tickets sold out so quickly and I can only apologise to those who missed out on a place. For future events please register quickly to avoid disappointment.

80 members attended this conference overlooking the picturesque Lake Monger Perth.

A big thank you to our Sponsor Colgate, in particular Kim Savory attending the trade display and Jenny Morgan presenting the “Healthy Smiles” initiative and information to members about the kits and refill availability. Jenny also spoke about Colgate’s new recycling program, where plastics such as toothbrushes and old toothpaste tubes can be donated back to Colgate where they have the plastics recycled and created into new products like chairs. More information will be relayed very soon. Simone and Jenny drew out the door prize a Colgate Electric toothbrush and presented to newly graduated Priyanka Jain – pictured with Simone Mayne and  Jenny Morgan (Colgate). 

Professor Camile Farah spoke on Oral Cancers and precancerous lesions, this was a very insightful presentation with reference to early diagnosis and referral important for the outcome for the patient. The role of the OHT, Hygienist and Dental therapist was crucial for early diagnosis. Some of the photos on the power point were confronting but strengthened the importance of this topic. He also spoke about the oropharyngeal cancer connection to HPV and oral/genital infections.

Dr John Owen presented on the Kimberley Dental Team which was for me a very motivating and inspirational discussion. The plight of the Australian Aboriginal population in rural and remote areas of the Kimberley and the lack of access to health care were highlighted. Dr Owen gave a fabulous and moving photo gallery of the Adventures in the Kimberley and the effects that the fluoride varnish and fissure sealant preventative program has helped to reduce dental caries in these communities.
We are looking at helping Dr Owen and his volunteer program with fundraising. The Colgate Recycling program could be one avenue, members are encouraged to put forward any ideas on how to help raise funds for Dr Owen and this worthy program.

Dr Howard Holmes (pic left) spoke about Invisalign and as he is one of the few specialists offering this orthodontic alternative for certain cases, He spoke about dispelling current misinformation about Invisalign and its utilisation in the orthodontic industry. Dr Homes showed the members an amazing video of the process of Invisalign production in the factories in USA many steps controlled by robotics. Dr Holmes had many before and after case photos which were indeed amazing to see the transformation of patients and their previous malocclusions. He stressed that a thorough assessment and digital scanning is necessary to assess ea

ch case that would be suitable for Invisalign. Many he said are too complicated and still need conventional orthodontics.

Last but not least Professor Marc Tennant presented a wonderful Local Anaesthetic update. Not only did Professor Tennant present in his usual entertaining style, but the phenomenal content that he covered was certainly a testament to his knowledge and experience. Clinical, Anatomy and Chemistry tips, the structure and function of the head, neck and the complex system of arteries, veins, plexus, nerves, muscles and glands, refreshed our memories of where and what we are potentially “shishkebabbing” (quote Marc) in the mouth.

Overall, the day was a huge success, with lots of positive feedback from delegates. Make sure you don’t miss out on the next event!!