Volunteers required for top Tasmania role

There is currently a call for applications for the position of Tasmanian Director for the Dental Hygienists Association of Australia.

Current director Danielle Gibbens says:  “I encourage anyone who is interested to step into this position to apply. Applicants need to have previously sat on a past DHAA committee to be eligible. I personally will not be applying for this role again as I have spent the last six years as president/national counsellor/director and feel it is time for a changing of the guard.”

After the National Symposium in November the call for applications for the Tasmanian Chair – currently held by Linda Thomas – will occur. Once again we encourage any current Tasmanian member who is interested in this role to apply as Linda will not be continuing with this position.

Both Linda and Danielle are very happy to assist and mentor anyone who feels they would like to give either of these positions a go.

Please email Patricia Chan ([email protected]) with expressions of interest.