Time to get your 2019 DHRF applications in

DHAA 2019 DHRF (Dental Hygiene Research Fund)

The April deadline for your 2019 DHRF (Dental Hygiene Research Fund) applications is fast-approaching.

In 2010, the DHAA introduced the Dental Hygiene Research Fund (DHRF) which is available for any members working in research projects.

The objective of the Research Fund is to provide better oral health, support for leadership and professional development for dental hygienists and oral health therapists within the oral hygiene industry.

It is a great opportunity for members to enhance their careers, increase their personal and professional networks and add value to the profession in ways that may not otherwise have been possible.

General InformationThe DHRF is managed by the DHAA Ltd. Research Committee on behalf of DHAA Ltd. The Research Committee will be guided by specific Terms of Reference with all information and contacts on the DHAA Ltd. website. The application forms are available to be downloaded – see panel below.

A grant, up to the value of $3000, will be paid to any one recipient for a one year period. There may be multiple recipients. Monies may be received from other sources for the project.

An advisory panel of three (3) will assess each research application based on set criteria. The DHAA Ltd. Research Committee has the final say as to the recipients of the grant and no correspondence will be entered into.

The advisory panel will comprise of a registered dentist or academic, a DHAA Ltd. member with a research background, and one other person external to the DHAA Ltd. The research committee will liaise with the advisory panel. Every effort will be made to eliminate any conflict of interest.

All information is to be supplied by the due date and no application will be accepted after the closing date of 30 April in any calendar year.

Ethics must be approved before payment is paid to the grant recipient or institution.

Further funding for continuation of the same research will require another application.

A grant recipient of the DHRF may be:

  • Any graduated clinician who is a member of the DHAA and who has Research support from a University.
  • Any University academic who is working with Dental Hygiene or BOH
  • Any applicant must be a member of the DHAA

The applications will be assessed on the following basis and have a higher weighting on scientific quality:

  • Scientific quality: this includes clarity of the hypothesis or research objectives, the strengths and weaknesses of the design and feasibility.
  • Significance and Innovation: potential to increase knowledge about human health; the application of new ideas, procedures, technology to program or health policy setting; important topics that will positively impact human
  • Track record of investigators : the applicant / team must have the experience and support necessary to deliver the research
  • Appropriateness of the budget
  • Feasibility of the time frame

The applicants are required to complete the application form, which may be downloaded from the DHAA member's area www.dhaa.info and send it electronically to:

DHAA Ltd email: [email protected]

Successful Applicant Guidelines
On notification of being a recipient of a DHAA Ltd. Research Grant a Letter of Agreement will be sent outlining the conditions of accepting the grant. The letter of agreement will require co‐ signature by the research supervisor.

The conditions of the grant are:

  • The applicant will give permission for their name and a summary of their application to be recorded on the DHAA web site, annual report of the DHAA Ltd. and other areas where there may be a promotion opportunity.
  • The applicant is to speak and/ or present a poster at an agreed nominated conference with acknowledgement of recognised support by DHAA Ltd.
  • A progress report is to be provided by the applicant on the status of the research after 12 months
  • On completion of the research, an article will be provided that is suitable for publication in the DHAA Bulletin and Journal.
  • The applicant is to supply full banking details for deposit of the grant by DHAA

If you have any further questions about the DHAA Ltd. Research Fund please do not hesitate to contact the DHAA Ltd. at [email protected].

Now’s the time to grasp your opportunity

This is a great opportunity for members to enhance their careers, increase their personal and professional networks and add value to the profession in ways that may not otherwise have been possible.