DHAA Webinar – Tepe

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Join the DHAA and TEPE for a 1 hour webinar. About this event In this webinar, we will shortly introduce you to the company TePe – our history, values and goals. We will let you know how we work with sustainability and with improving oral health on a global scale. Further, we will look at the prevalence and aetiology of … Read More

DHAA Webinar – Employment contracts and IR concerns

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Join us for a 1 hour webinar discussing common industrial relations concerns such as: employment contracts, working conditions and awards. About this event Join us as Katrina Murphy our IR advisor discusses: – employment contracts and tips on negotiations – Fair and unfair employment conditions – Award status and an update on the Fair Work Commission hearing CPD hours: 1 hour … Read More

DHAA Webinar – BMS Insurance “Clinical note taking”

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Join the DHAA and BMS insurance for a Webinar on clinical note taking and what your requirements are. About this event Please join us for this free one-hour webinar on clinical note taking. Clinical note taking may seem routine, but it can be one of the most important things when it comes to an insurance claim. What should you be … Read More

Free DHAA Webinar: How digital technology can revolutionise the dental practice

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Learn how dental hygienists and oral health therapists can use teledentistry to expand their working opportunities and patient outcomes About this event Disrupting dentistry: digital technology to revolutionise hygienist and therapist practice Please join us for this free one-hour webinar on teledentistry presented by Dr Christine May. About the presenter Dr Christine May BDS(Hons) USyd BHSc(TCM) UTS Founder FaceWell Teledentistry … Read More

Free DHAA Webinar: Sugar Tax

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Please join us for this free one-hour webinar on sugar tax. Identify your role as a dental professional in advocating for a sugar tax and empowering your patients in decreasing their consumption of sugary drinks. About this event Considering a Sugary Sweet Beverages (SSBs) tax? Webinar lecture objectives: Explore high-fructose corn syrup in SSBs and its health effects on the … Read More

DHAA Webinar: Mucositis during cancer therapy

Mel Hayes

Photo of Julie Roberts

Following her own cancer battle and personal suffering from mucositis, Dental Hygienist Julie Roberts will empower you to help others. Presentation Synopsis Please join us for this free one-hour webinar on mucositis during cancer therapy. Julie Roberts is an original Gillies Plains graduate. She has practiced in all areas of dental hygiene, including the SA Cranio Facial Unit, and is … Read More

DHAA Webinar: Exclusive preview!

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DHAA Webinar: Exclusive product preview! Presentation Synopsis Exclusive preview at innovative oral hygiene technology before it hits the market! This one hour education experience delves into new product technology, which extends patients oral health regime. The product enables patients to achieve a whole mouth clean feel in a new, convenient and exciting way. Identify how you can provide further benefit … Read More

DHAA Webinar: Sleep Apnoea and the Role of Dental Hygienists and OHTs

Mel Hayes

Photo of sleeping man with airways transposed

DHAA Webinar: Sleep Apnoea and the Role of Dental Hygienists and OHTs Presentation Synopsis Identify your role as a dental professional in detecting high risk OSA patients and understanding multi-disciplinary teamwork in OSA. Lecture Outcomes: -Understand the difference between airways in normal sleep cycle and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) -Identify risk factors of OSA -Discuss intra-oral signs and physiological changes … Read More

DHAA Webinar

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DHAA Webinar Presentation Synopsis Health promotion is at the core of our work as oral health practitioners – get an update and learn more about the benefits of introducing health promotion into your practice. Objectives of the webinar are to: • Understand that oral health promotion is a complex system. • Explore the role of the Oral Health Therapists and … Read More

Webinar: Fair and unfair contracts – what are the red flags?

Mel Hayes

WEBINAR: Fair and unfair contracts-what are the red flags? Presentation Synopsis Do you know what you are signing? Don’t miss this live webinar, suitable for new graduates and long-time clinicians alike! It is now very common in the dental industry for new employees to be faced with a lengthy legalistic contract, sometimes asked to sign the contract immediately or the … Read More