DHAA TAS – Full Day CPD Launceston

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Please join DHAA Tasmania for a full day of CPD in Launceston About this event Come along for a full day CPD focusing on a range of topics from sugar and its effect on health, diabetes and finishing off learning about orthodontic treatment. Presenters Ian Epondulan – Considering a Sugary Sweet Beverages (SSBs) tax? – Explore high-fructose corn syrup in … Read More

Free DHAA Webinar: Sugar Tax

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Please join us for this free one-hour webinar on sugar tax. Identify your role as a dental professional in advocating for a sugar tax and empowering your patients in decreasing their consumption of sugary drinks. About this event Considering a Sugary Sweet Beverages (SSBs) tax? Webinar lecture objectives: Explore high-fructose corn syrup in SSBs and its health effects on the … Read More

DHAA VIC/NSW: Combined CPD Day – Albury

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Join us for a very special combined CPD day in the Albury/Wadonga Region. Confirmed Speakers Dr Adam Rosenberg Dr Adam Rosenberg graduated with a BDS from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa and obtained his Masters Degree in Periodontology from the University of North Carolina, USA in 2002. Adam has lectured extensively both nationally and internationally on topics relating to … Read More

Sugar just ain’t so sweet!

Sugar is back in the headlines and it’s being heavily linked to the widely-publicised obesity crisis that the world is currently facing. A recent report from the Grattan Institute argues the case for a tax to be imposed on the sale of sugary drinks. The intention being to recoup some of the spiraling costs that obesity is placing on our … Read More