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As part of our commitment to our members the DHAA constantly reviews changes to the industrial landscape. The effects of any these changes are assessed at a high level and also how they can affect individuals.

Providing sound advice to DHAA members

As a service to our full members, the DHAA Ltd. retains the services of industrial relations (IR) advisers.

The advisers, in consultation with the DHAA Ltd., have put together an Employment Contract Pack, for use by our members. Members are invited to use this material as a guide and template when developing contracts with employers. Changes made to the contract, other than those referred to in the explanatory document, are at members’ own risk.

Please note that Industrial Relations advice and templates are available to all DHAA members.

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The DHAA are here to help you

The DHAA Ltd. is also offers members industrial relations advice in consultation with our IR adviser. Two DHAA Ltd. members have been through IR training in order to answer initial questions regarding IR issues our members may have in the future. If you require IR advice please carry out the procedure outlined below.  We are certain this service to our members will be very useful and look forward to contact with members about industrial relations concerns.

The Industrial Relations advisory service was set up as a benefit of membership to the DHAA Ltd. We would love to answer your enquiry, but as you are not a member of the DHAA Ltd., we are unable to do so. It would be unfair and cost prohibitive to our current members to offer free advice. This is one of the many reasons that we encourage dental hygienists and oral health therapists to become members of our organisation.

We welcome your membership, please visit the members area of this website to register.

Please contact us again once you have a current membership and we would be more than happy to help.

Need Industrial Relations advice?

If you require Industrial Relations advice please read on:

  1. Your query will be kept confidential and answered by trained members
  2. If necessary, the trained members will consult with our IR adviser (DHAA Ltd. will cover costs to this point)
  3. For more complex issues, members may be referred to an external IR adviser, advocate or other contact person where DHAA Ltd. has such a referral to offer. In such cases, DHAA Ltd. may be able to offer Full members guidance on identifying the key issues that require advice. If this is not possible, members will be advised to seek their own advice on a private basis.
  4. We are constantly working on setting up and maintaining a network of excellent IR referrals for complex member matters in each State and Territory.