It’s all about the strategy

Where would anyone be without a strategy? We need to be flexible so that we can adjust to the changes in legislation and best practice.

The DHAA board meet on a regularly to review and adjust the key priorities and ensure that we stay focused on our goals.

Outlining our key priorities

In early 2015 the DHAA Board established a list of key priorities for the Association in the year ahead, as itemised on this page.

The complete Strategic Plan can be viewed here can be seen in our policies and goals area. The plan is revised and updated when necessary in order to ensure the association direction and priorities are achieved.

The seven goal statements with their specific action plan listed below provide a framework for our targeted activities, projects and interventions.

The strategic plan is a guiding document for our Association Directors and also identifies areas for greater member involvement at the state level. In particular goal statements number four and five lists several targeted actions for oral health promotion and greater participation by Dental Hygienists and Oral Health Therapist’s within community settings and partnerships in allied health.

We encourage all members to read the strategic plan to gain a broader knowledge of this working document and the direction DHAA Ltd has set.

DHAA priorities for 2016

Here are the agreed priorities for the coming year;

  1. Set high quality standards for the profession.
  2. Provide communication and support to members.
  3. Provide evidence-based professional development.
  4. Promote optimal general health through provision of quality oral health services by Dental Hygienists & Oral Health Therapists.
  5. Advocate in the interests of members, increase the profile and be a unified voice for preventive oral health.
  6. Advance tertiary and post-graduate education and research.