Stop the stink

Companies in Japan are clamping down on ‘stinky’ employees by ordering them to use deodorant and clean their teeth after lunch.

As reported by the DailyMail, body odour (B.O) and bad breath are being included in some company dress codes and in some cases are being sent to mandatory seminars on the causes of body odour.

“Body odour is a very sensitive subject, and it’s not easy to tell employees to their face that they smell. But if we pass on the content of this seminar at our workplaces, problems with body odour may improve,” said Yasuko Okabe, a SoftBank employee

B.O is one problem but bad breath, lingering cigarette smell and excessive perfume are all being stamped out in a bid to freshen up the workplace.

This is an interesting move to improve customer and colleague relations but has the potential to backfire.

Tsuneaki Gomi, head of Gomi Clinic in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward, which treats body odour and excessive sweating, believes people are getting worked up over nothing. ‘Worrying excessively about the smell of one’s body can lead to self-rejection.

‘People can become so afraid of their body odour that they avoid others and lose their self-confidence.’

So, if this is a situation that rings a bell with you then maybe now’s the time to do something about it, but whatever you, do please make sure that you handle it sympathetically and discretely.

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