Communicate directly with our members

The DHAA are a very active association. We aim to have multiple regional and state events on-the-go at any one time, which gives prospective sponsors numerous opportunities to connect with Dental Hygienists and Oral Health Therapists.

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Supporting the constant evolution of our industry.

As one of the largest professional bodies in the Australian dental industry – representing over 1200 oral health practitioners who practice dental hygiene or oral health therapy in Australia – the DHAA is constantly coordinating events and strategies for the continuing development of the profession.

Looking to connect with our members?

The association’s constant activity creates a myriad of sponsorship opportunities. If you are looking to promote to our members then please get in touch.

[accordion-item title=”DHAA National Symposium”] The National Symposium is our annual flagship event and attracts a growing number of members each year. These are some of the great ways in which we can showcase your brand with a sponsorship package.

[list] [list_item icon=”plus”] Total Event Sponsorship[/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus”] Individual speakers[/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus”] Social Media Packages[/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus”] DHAA Market Place[/list_item] [/list]
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”State Events”] We value supporting our members on both a local and a national level. To manage this the DHAA has local representatives across the country that are responsible for managing local events.


[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Industry Awards”]We operate numerous award schemes to promote continual growth and industry within our profession. See below for the awards currently open for sponsorship.

[list] [list_item icon=”plus”] Student – ISDH Award $5000 [/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus”] Graduate – Mentor Award $3000 [/list_item] [/list]
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Workshops”]There are a variety of workshops across a wide range of areas and disciplines – all are available for sponsorship.
[list] [list_item icon=”plus”] Rural and Remote Project [/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus”] Aged Care Workshop [/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus”] Whitening Workshops [/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus”] Leadership Workshops [/list_item] [/list]
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Networking”]Throughout the years there are a number of executive networking events. See below to find out more.

[list] [list_item icon=”plus”] National Council Meetings [/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus”] President’s Dinner [/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus”] DHAA Inc. AGM [/list_item] [/list]
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Advertising”]There are a number of opportunities to advertise within DHAA branded publications and products. See below for more details.

[list] [list_item icon=”plus”] Digital Advertising [/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus”] The Bulletin [/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus”] DHAA Diaries [/list_item] [/list]

[teaserbox title=”Interested in sponsorship?” button=”ENQUIRE NOW” link=”#” buttonsize=”small” buttoncolor=”alternative-1″]The DHAA are always appreciative of any support that they can get to benefit the industry and our members. If you would like to support the Dental Hygienists’ Association of Australia, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a tailored sponsorship package.[/teaserbox] [/three_fifth] [two_fifth_last] [responsive]Applying from overseas[/responsive] [/two_fifth_last] [/section]