Recycle old instruments and get a new one for free!

Image of Hu-Friedy promotion

The Hu-Friedy Environdent Instrument recycling program will be available at the DHAA Symposium Adelaide (SA17) from 12-14 October, 2017.

It’s may seem crazy but it’s true. Simply clear out your cupboards of all those broken or unwanted instruments – of any type or brand – from your surgery. Bag and autoclave them and then drop them off at the specially provided bin at the Hu-Friedy stand at SA17.

For every 12 instruments that you recycle the Hu-Friedy staff will will reward you with one brand-new instrument from a great range of best-selling Hu-Friedy instruments, from scalers and curettes to retractors and burnishers, all of which have a retail value up to $80. A limit of 144 instruments per customer will apply, so that’s a potential 12 newbies for you to take back with you. Pretty cool huh?

So if you’re already heading to Adelaide for the Symposium then it’s a no-brainer. Get all those old instruments bagged up and autoclaved right away. If you’re not registered at SA17 there is till time. Just head over to the SA17 website for full details.

So what is Environdent?
Environdent is Hu-Friedy’s way of investing in your performance and rewarding you for environmentally responsible actions. Launched in the US and Canada in 1995 (and more recently in Australia and New Zealand since 2016), Environdent is the longest-running global instrument recycling program in the dental industry, and we are thankful to have had so many dental professionals partner with us since 1995 by choosing to responsibly dispose of their instruments and help the environment! Fun fact: in 2011, we recycled 700,000+ instruments world-wide!

Hu-Friedy works with responsible metal scrap recyclers, who are also partners with Planet Ark in Australia and New Zealand to find new life for your instruments in useful items such as bridges, car bumpers and street lights. When you recycle with Environdent, you keep your instruments out of landfills and decrease your impact on the environment. Instruments recycled through Environdent will not be refurbished or used to make new instruments.