Your representative in the dental hygiene industry

The DHAA is the peak professional body representing dental hygienists and oral health therapists in Australia. The mission of the Association is to support the continuing development of the oral health professions and preventive models of care.

The key benefits of membership

The National Association was formed in 1991 and the Board meets four times a year to address issues relating to the uniformity of practice and training throughout Australia, and to plan for the continuing growth and application of the profession.

Through this continued growth and development, the DHAA is able to provide high-quality and relevant member benefits, which include the following;

We loving catching up with our fellow oral health professionals and also learning new things at our regular CPD events. Our National Symposium is held every year in November, and always includes a great discount for members, plus a stack of CPD hours!
Hygienists and OHTs have lots of questions about contracts and employment conditions – DHAA members can access free legal advice through our Industrial Relations Advice Service.
The DHAA presents submissions to the Australian Senate, Fair Work Australia and other key stakeholders in matters affecting our profession and the oral health of the public.
Creating connections with health promotion campaigns such as “Rethink Sugary Drink” and organisations such as the National Aged Care Alliance help to promote our profession to the wider public, and allow DHAA members the opportunity to be involved in the broader health sector.
DHAA members receive our Bulletin four times a year, as well as regular electronic messages to keep them updated with issues affecting oral health and our profession. We also have a constant presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Currently we have groups focusing on Aged Care, Rural and remote health, and research. We also provide yearly grants for community oral health projects and research projects.
We regularly survey our members so that we can find out who you are and what services you value most.
The DHAA is an Association member of the International Federation of Dental Hygienists, and represents Australia at the House of Delegates (the IFDH governing body). The IFDH hold an International Conference every three years, which gives members the opportunity to connect with oral health professionals all around the globe.

Our missions and goals

  1. Set high quality evidence based standards for the profession.
  2. Provide communication and support to members.
  3. Provide evidence-based professional development.
  4. Promote optimal general health through the provision of quality oral health services by DH and OHT.
  5. Advance tertiary and post-graduate education and research.
  6. Abide by principles of effective, transparent, ethical and financial governance.