One lump or too many?

The new SugarByHalf campaign aims to help people reduce their sugar consumption and improve their health.

Did you know that today was World Obesity Day? Chances are that you didn’t but it doesn’t escape the fact that there is a global problem, and ironically, it’s getting bigger.

It’s widely know that sugar is a key ingredient in the battle of the bulge and shockingly the average Australian consumes daily more than 16 teaspoons of the sweet stuff hidden away in the food and drinks we all love. The news is even worse for the kids with 14-18 year-olds popping a staggering 22 teaspoons!

These stats are just one of the reasons why the DHAA are proudly supporting the SugarByHalf campaign that launched today.

The World Health Organisation recommends limiting your daily added sugar intake to around six teaspoons per day. With our current eating habits, it’s not surprising that one in every two six-year-olds have decay in their baby teeth, and the same percentage of children aged 12 have decay in their adult teeth. These decay rates have increased more than 50% since 1996.

SugarByHalf image asking How Much Sugar Are You Eating? #SugarSwap

The SugarByHalf campaign is very compelling – How Much Sugar Are You Eating?

Other dental stats include:
• 57% of Australians can expect to develop tooth decay at some stage in their life • Tooth decay is five times more prevalent than asthma among children
• 19% of Australian adults aged 65 and over have no natural teeth
• One million days of work are lost every year in Australia because of poor dental health
• Australians spend nearly $9 billion each year on dental care (reference)

But it’s not just about teeth. One in three Australian kids will be overweight or obese by 2025, and Type II diabetes rates are increasing at an alarming rate. Like SugarByHalf says, we’re in the midst of a Sugardemic!


What can you do?

We would love everyone to participate in #SugarSwap this week.Try taking a sugary food or drink that you normally eat, and swap it out for something healthier instead. Share what you’ve done on social media to cement your commitment, and see how easy it is to remove a little bit of sugar from your diet.

Maybe it’s swapping a donut or cake for a banana, or having natural instead of flavoured yoghurt. Or try cutting down the added sugar in your coffee or tea.

Why not try promoting #SugarSwap at your practice? If you do anything then please share your experiences with us and we’ll promote your efforts through the DHAA channels as well.

It’s a very real and serious problem. Together we need to do something about it and keep Australia healthy!