New DHAA Directors Elected

The DHAA are very pleased to announce the appointment of two new directors, and the re-election of two more, to the DHAA Board.

The DHAA recently called for Nominations for Director vacancies in the ACT, Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. We received four nominations from enthusiastic and suitably qualified members, which have subsequently been approved by the Board. As there was a single accepted nomination for each state/territory vacancy, the nominees are therefore elected unopposed.

All this means that as of the Annual General Meeting on 12 October, we will welcome the following inductees to the Board for a two year term; Kathryn Novak, ACT Director (2nd term); Carol Tran, Queensland Director (2nd term); Sahil Bareja, NSW Director (1st term); and Samantha Stuart, WA Director (1st term).

The Board of Directors plays a vital role in setting the strategic direction for the Dental Hygienists Association of Australia and we wish the new Directors every success in their roles, and thank them for their commitment to the future of the DHAA.

Meet the new DHAA Directors

Kathryn Novak
DHAA ACT Director Kathryn NovakKathryn has been a member of the DHAA since her graduation in 1989, and still remembers the visit by the DHAA representative to the school!

Over her career, Kathryn has had the opportunity to work in rural and city practices, public and private, specialist and general areas, in four states and territories. She has always been involved in the Association on minor levels until returning to Canberra in 2005. Since then she has been more and more involved in local and national roles, and this year even an international one. She started as the alternate national councillor and got a taste of the big picture at her first council meeting. So much of our profession is spent in isolation; one on one with the patient in the room, one or two hygienists to a practice. Here was the opportunity to be part of the community, to shape and change the profession, and it’s direction, it’s perception by the public and other dental professionals, and to assist the members individually and by extrapolation the wider profession. Here were a group of like-minded people passionate about our profession and the good it could to do our members, patients and communities. One of the highlights of her DHAA career has been chairing the National Symposium in 2014 in Canberra.

Kathryn is has been the ACT Director since 2015, and is currently the Acting President. She works in both general and orthodontic practices.

Carol Tran
DHAA Qld Director Carol TranCarol is an Oral Health Therapist with more than 8 years of dental experience. This ranges from private practice across Victoria and Queensland to university teaching and running numerous research projects.

She have extensive experience in teaching within a professional environment, including lecturing in caries management, periodontology and general dentistry. She has previously served as a coordinator for dental preclinic/simulation clinics for 5 years. During her time as a Lecturer at the University of Queensland she was involved in the curriculum review, as the chair of the Year 1 committee. She also was heavily involved in project management, policy development, and strategic integration across the BDSc and BOralH programs.

Her research focus are mostly oriented around projects with direct clinical relevance, this research encompasses periodontology, implant dentistry, microbiology and cariology. She submitted her PhD thesis in 2017.

Sahil Bareja
DHAA NSW Director Sahil BarejaSahil is an Oral health therapist with advanced skills in adult restorative dentistry. Sahil graduated from University of Sydney and further completed his Graduate certificate in Oral health science from the University of Adelaide to expand his skills in adult restorative dentistry. In 2014, Sahil completed his Mini-residency in Snoring, Sleep Apnoea and TMJ Disorders and he further pursued his interest by enrolling in Masters of Sleep medicine. Along with working in private practice, Sahil also teaches at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Sydney as a Clinical educator and Guest lecturer.

Samantha Stuart
DHAA WA Director Samantha StuartAs a mature student, Samantha studied in Adelaide to become a dental hygienist, after working in the field of dentistry. After enjoying her experience working & studying in Adelaide; she returned to Melbourne and was employed at a high end restorative practice. In this time, she also worked as a contractor for the Defence sector, before then moving to a regional practice in Victoria. For 7 years she enjoyed lecturing at Latrobe Rural Health school before deciding on a sea change. In 2011-2013, Samantha was a convener for two of the association’s conferences, in addition to being a speaker. Her focus now is supporting clinicians along with training staff to maximise their skill set. Sam has previously held the role of Vice president and President at State level.

Notice of Annual General Meeting
Members are advised that the Annual General Meeting of the DHAA Ltd. will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Thursday 12 October, 2017, at 5pm.

This meeting will include the Presidents Report, Annual Financial Report, and appointment of the Auditor.

The Annual Report, including the 2016-17 audited financial reports, will be available for download from the DHAA member’s area ( as of Monday 9 October 2017. Hard copies will be available on request from that date.