CPD and aprés-ski in the Snowy Mountains

Image of four DHAA members by a road sign in Thredbo

The DHAA NSW/ACT Ski Weekend was a fabulous opportunity to reach out to local members and gather in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales and learn about a wide range of topics.

Held at the Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa on Saturday 4 August, 2018, the excellent line-up of speakers covered a diversity of subjects including; implant maintenance, obstructive sleep apnea, tips on oral hygiene instruction, as well as considering the potential impact of a sugar tax in Australia.

A huge thank you to Oral-B, EMS and Colgate for sponsoring the DHAA NSW/ACT Ski Event and for the great door prizes that were given out on the day.

The Speaker Line-Up

Tabitha Acret discussed implant maintenance and tips on oral hygiene instruction. She emphasised the importance of disclosing plaque for every patient and taking photographs as part of their clinical record – it's a great way to visually show the patient how effective their oral hygiene treatment is.

Ian Epondulan spoke about the impact of sugar. Drinking just one can per day of a sugary-sweetened beverage (SSB) will put you over your daily sugar limit and lead to many health issues such as obesity and diabetes. Evidence shows that a sugar tax in Australia will work and it's needed now!

Sahil Bareja highlighted how we can identify obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in our patients through measuring their neck circumference and referring them for a sleep study. Orofacial myology and the use of dental appliances can be effective in repositioning the tongue to clear the airway.

Event Feedback

“It was a fantastic event with interesting topics where I learned so much and felt I could interact with the speakers while they were presenting.”

“I feel more empowered to go back to my practice from the practical tips for OHI, discussing my patient’s daily sugar intake and identifying OSA.”

Sahil Bareja highlights how to identify obstructive sleep apnea The fabulous buffet was hard to ignore Ian Epondulan discusses the dangers of sugar in our diet