GET TO KNOW: Carol Tran

Get to know DHAA Queensland Director 2017-18 Carol Tran

Find out more about the people making the decisions and calling the shots in the DHAA.

Every fortnight we ask various movers and shakers, in the association, a set of seven questions. This week we catch up with the DHAA Queensland Director and chair of the Governance committee, Carol Tran.

  1. Why did you decide to become a dental hygienist/OHT?
    My story began when I was 6 years old. I had a GA for early childhood caries at 6 yearsold! After spending time at the local dental clinic and being exposed to dental vans, I decided to apply for BOH in Melbourne to make a positive contribution to patient’s understanding of their own oral health.
  2. What was your favourite subject during hygiene/OHT training? 
    That’s a tough one! I’d say probably research methods in third year as I was lucky enough to be mentored by two very good Prof’s who taught me how to apply research directly to every day clinical practice, practically!
  3. What do you love most about being a DH/OHT?
    The fact you can change​ someone’s life within 30 seconds. Eg show them how they can change their tooth brushing technique, and hey presto! They’ve all a sudden gone from a 2/10 in their oral hygiene to a 10/10!
  4. Tell us about your current role with the DHAA, and why you decided to get involved.

    I’m currently the Queensland Director and the chair of the Governance committee. I’ve been involved with the DHAA since graduating 10 years ago. (a long time now!) I was initially approached to see if I was interested, as my 20-year-old self then said: ‘yea! Sure! Why not!’ a few years later… I’m still here! I joined because I want to contribute to the future of our profession.

  5. Who is the person that most influenced you, and how?
    I’d say it’s a team of people! I’ve been lucky enough to be mentored by Mark Gussy, Nicky Kilpatrick and Laurie Walsh throughout my career. I could not have come this far without them.
  6. What are you currently reading?
    The four-hour work week by Tim Ferris – if somehow that could be applied to clinical practice, sign me up!
  7. Where do you go to escape?

    Netflix. Enough said.

Keep an eye out for next time, when we will get to know the DHAA WA Director, Samantha Stuart.