Infection Control in the Dental Setting

On Saturday 18 February, we were lucky to have an update on infection control procedures by Megan Reilly from Hands On Infection Control.

It was great to have a refresher to check that we are all still doing the right things with regard to infection control.  The DBA guidelines apply to all registered dental practitioners (dentists, hygienists, therapists & OHT)

Some interesting points learnt as a part of your AHPRA registration;

  • Applicants for initial registration or renewal of registration as a dental practitioner or student will be required to make a declaration that they are aware of their infection status for blood-borne viruses and that they will comply with the Communicable Diseases Network Australia’s Australian National Guidelines for the Management of Health Care Workers known to be infected with Blood-Borne Viruses and with the requirements of the Dental Board of Australia’s Guidelines on infection control.
  • As a registered dental practitioner, you must meet the requirements of our Continuing professional development registration standard. We also expect you to continue to maintain and update your knowledge throughout your career across all areas of your practice, and recommend that you regularly undertake a continuing professional development (CPD) course in infection control. Doing this will help you attain and maintain contemporary knowledge of the required standards, policies and procedures in infection control, and understand the science behind these requirements.

This means when you sign your declaration of registration with the board you are confirming that you have attended Infection control courses and you are aware of your blood- borne status

The course discussed included; PPE, routes of infection; modes of transmission; hand hygiene; standard precautions;  processing of equipment – such as cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation.; immunisation and the resistance to disinfections.

Megan also listed the publications you needed to keep on-site to comply with infection control policies.

Everyone found the course very good and informative.

We strive to create interesting and useful CPD events. If you have any suggestions or requests for specific courses then please contact [email protected]. Keep an eye on the CPD events page and DHAA email updates.