How to make oral health records more forensically relevant closing September 17th 2016.

Dear dental professional,

Recent research has indicated that, as a community, our dental records are not as detailed, accurate and legible as the Dental Board of Australia’s guidelines (2010) on record keeping would prefer. Some practitioners have indicated that this might be due to a lack of education regarding the requirements and use of dental records beyond that for clinical practice.

As part of a University of Adelaide research project entitled ‘How to make oral health records more forensically relevant – development and evaluation of online education for the dental professional’, an interactive online educational module has been developed. As a valued ASP member, you are invited to take part in the project by extending your knowledge and providing some simple feedback evaluation to the researchers.

Pre-course and post-course surveymonkey links are embedded on the ‘Introduction’ and ‘Finish’ pages of the package. All feedback you provide will be anonymous and used only for the research project.

There is no cost for you to participate in the project, other than that of your time. Focus groups that have already participated in the project have indicated that a thorough viewing of the educational package will take around an hour. There is no need to complete the package in one sitting; you are able to stop and start again where you left off.

Please note that the content will work best on a device running Windows (or a Mac running Parallels Desktop or similar).

For further information on your involvement in the project, PARTICIPANT INFO SHEET and COMPLAINTS_DHAA members

Enjoy by clicking on the following link:


Kind regards

Lauren Stow