Hands-On Periodontal Workshop

The day that periodontist, Dr Alex Du Bois, chose to relocate from Adelaide to Hobart was a lucky day for DHAA members in Tasmania.

While ordering periodontal instruments to establish his new practice, Dr Alex formulated the idea to hold an exclusive event with Hu Friedy.

The addition of our existing partnership with Hu Friedy brought the idea to life and the event was held at RACT/RACV Hotel in Hobart. Limited ticket availability attracted delegates from far and wide, even as far as Dubai!

Hu Friedy Educational Consultants, Robyn Watson and Deb Brown brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering theory and practical components, mastering basic fundamentals before progressing to advanced instrumentation on typodonts.

Delegates saw great value in refreshing their posture and ergonomics, taking away exercise tips and tricks to minimise muscular skeletal disorders.

DHAA Tas extend their appreciation to Dr Alex Du Bios, the Hu-Friedy Team of Judith Goode, Robyn Watson and Deb Brown. Special mention should also go to Jennie, our Tasmanian Henry Schein Halas representative, who provided a fantastic trade display as the exclusive Hu Friedy distributor. Without their sponsorship support we would not be able to offer such high quality, successful events.

We look forward to working with Dr Alex to educate us on all things perio and cannot wait to see more modules from the Hu Friedy Team!