Kids can afford to smile

The child dental benefit cap is to be raised to $1000.

It’s pretty rare that we get to say nice things about the government, but here’s a little ray of sunshine for the littl’uns from the Department of Health.

In a statement issued on February 8 it said: “The Turnbull Government is increasing the rebate available under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) to $1000 per child for treatment over a two year period. We are committed to ensuring that kids right across Australia – both in cities and remote areas – have access to the dentist when they need it.

“Under the scheme, on average only $312 of rebate has been claimed per child each year. In light of this, the Government had previously set the cap at $700 per child over a two year period, which would still allow children to visit a dentist regularly.”

Refreshingly, this increase of over 40% is being made even though the original two-year cap wasn’t being reached. The Honourable Greg Hunt MP, Minister for Health & Sport, said: “Following consultation with the Australian Dental Association, I have decided to reinstate the cap at $1000.”

More good news

Minister Hunt went on to deliver even more good news in his press release: “We are also providing $11 million over two years to the Royal Flying Doctor Service to deliver dental outreach services to rural and remote communities.”

He closed by saying: “The government is delivering on its commitment to improve the dental health of all Australians through the CDBS and contribute to better public dental services through a National Partnership Agreement with the states and territories.

In a time when we are normally being told to pull in our belts, and manage with less, these are encouraging signs. Let’s hope it’s the first of many!