Give dental hygiene a voice in Australia!

Image of a girl dresses in a 1950's style with a megaphone
The DHAA would like to encourage its members to apply for appointment to state and territory committees of the Dental Board of Australia.

Dental hygienist registration numbers are increasing and the majority of oral health therapists are working predominantly in dental hygiene (as per AHPRA data); as such, it is important that the profession increases our representation on the Dental Board of Australia’s committees to ensure dental hygiene has a strong voice and there is equity on the board’s committees.

These appointments will provide individuals with the opportunity to learn more about the nuances of the National Law and the Dental Board. This is a great opportunity for those looking to develop their career outside clinical practice.

The application process is not onerous, but it does close on Monday 24  April, so get your name in quick!

Details can be found on the DBA website.