GET TO KNOW: Shida Taheri

Portrait of Shida Taheri saying "Get to know the DHAA Industry Partnership Officer – Shida Taheri"

Find out more about the people making the decisions and calling the shots in the DHAA.

Every fortnight we ask various movers and shakers, in the association, a set of questions. This week we catch up with the  DHAA Partnership Officer, Shida Taheri.

  1. Why did you decide to become a dental hygienist/OHT?
    Not knowing what to do with my life after high school, and with the encouragement of my mother, I started a dental assisting job at a great practice.

    The boss was very motivational and the more I worked in dental, the more I realised that there was a lack of focus in preventative oral health. I wanted to make a difference.

  2. What was your favourite subject during hygiene/OHT training?
    My favourite subject was head and neck anatomy. Cadavers... need I say more?

  3. What do you love most about being a DH/OHT?
    The satisfaction I get when a patient dramatically changes their oral health based on information I have provided them. I also love changing a uncooperative child’s mind about visiting the “dentist”.

  4. Tell us about your current role with the DHAA, and why you decided to get involved.
    My current role with the DHAA is the Industry Partnership Officer (IPO), which means I manage the relationship between our very generous sponsors and our great events.

    After the Sydney Symposium, I was in awe of all the work the volunteers had done and I felt like I needed to get involved with an association that really cares about its members. I started helping my local NSW committee with organising events.

    When the IPO role was introduced, the then NSW Chair, Tabitha Acret, strongly encouraged me to go for the role and I have never looked back!

  5. Who is the person that most influenced you, and how?
    My mother has been the greatest influence for me. She is a registered nurse and such a strong, hard-working woman.

    However, there are so many inspiring people in my life. I try and learn something from everyone I met and better myself both personally and professionally.

  6. What are you currently reading?
    The Dental Diet by Dr Steven Lin.

  7. Where do you go to escape?
    Get me on a plane, and take me anywhere – I absolutely love travelling!

    Whether it’s trekking up Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, flying over the Grand Canyon or lounging on the beach in Bali.

Keep an eye out for next time, when we will get to know another proud DHAA volunteer work-force.