A full day of CPD at the historic Perth Pagoda

Image of the CPD committee from DHAA WA

An assortment of quality local dental specialists and motivational speakers were willing to give up their time to present at the DHAA WA full-day CPD conference in Perth. 

Many of those attending the event held at the Pagoda Resort & Spa in Perth said they were there due to the quality of the topics on offer.

Feedback on the day was excellent; "A great refresher on appropriate care and referral, common oral lesions, child care and preventive treatment. Engaging presentations. thank you." 

"Dr Winter's talk was very engaging and good for new graduates to review their study."

"The trade representatives were very informative."

DHAA WA would like to thank all companies that supported the event. Michelle Wright, the representative for the main sponsor Colgate, gave an excellent presentation and supplied some fantastic promotional material for the take-home bag and door prize. Thank you also to Oral B and Sharon Mackenzie for their door prize and support, and finally, Erskine Dental (Pikster) for their multiple door prizes.

Speaker Line-Up

Dr John Winters presented "Missing Milestones", advised to check on medical and family hereditary histories. He also recommended following through with appropriate radiographs. For example, maxillary occlusal x-rays and not just OPG and periapical x-rays if eruption patterns are a concern. 

Dr Poh Hun Loh discussed the maintenance of implants and restorations to prevent peri-implantitis.

He explained that there are many types of implants and the maintenance of each type will differ. Be sure to clean the implant well and know when to refer. The OHI for implants is crucial.

Dr Siva Vasudavan explained how to diagnose and manage ecoptic and missing teeth. 

Dr Vasudavan stressed that the key factor was to refer and extract appropriately, and to examine patients thoroughly – aim for the best outcome for patient and their family members.

Mr Raf Baugh's presentation called "Cultures of Excellence" told us to speak up if/when you're not comfortable in your work place, otherwise there will never be change. Above all make sure you get everything in writing.

DHAA WA's Rhonda Kremmer was impressed with Mr Baugh's African saying that he used to illustrate the benefits of taking a team approach: "If you run alone you run fast, if you run with others, you run further."

Dr Janina Christoforou was a very interactive speaker. She included the audience with great visual slides of oral lesions during her presentation "Oral Medicine and mucosal disease".

She advised to check products more thoroughly with patients, and also discuss common and seemingly harmless foods/habits which could be detrimental to oral health, and to refer if necessary.

Cathryn Carboon "Carevan SunSmiles Program" explained that fluoride varnish is more superior than fluoride foams and gels. Research has shown how effective it is against caries. 

Cath also urged us to look for volunteer opportunities and support the use of fluoride varnish.

Delegates listening at DHAA WA conference in Perth Oral B door-prize winner at the DHAA WA conference in Perth