Exciting times in the ACT!

Image of Dr Papas from Embrace Orthodontics presenting

On the 21 September the DHAA ACT held an exclusive member-only CPD event in Manuka, where attendees heard from Dr Papas from Embrace Orthodontics.

Dr Papas shared with the attendees a range of cases, including expansion cases in adults, correcting crossbites, CLII cases with full correction, severe crowding treated without extractions, and surgical cases aligning teeth with Invisalign (rather than fixed braces) prior to surgery. Dr Papas also discussed Invisalign’s newest innovation, aligner mandibular advancement for children, which is an alternative to the twin block appliance. The orthodontics explored wowed the attendees, particularly cases that they had thought would not be possible with Invisalign.

The DHAA are very grateful to Dr Papas for taking time out of his busy schedules to present to our members.