Enjoying the rewards of a risky business day

Image of some of the delegates attending DHAA ACT gathered in Canberra for their full-day Risky Business CPD event

The “Risky Business” full-day event in Canberra not only focused on ensuring that we are providing excellent care to our patients through safe practices and excellent communication, but also looking after our own interests with regard to reducing practice risk.

Held at the QT in Canberra on Saturday 23 June, 2018, the delegates were kept thinking by five very different specialist speakers.

The Speaker Line-Up

Shamus Breen from BMS spoke about the DHAA indemnity insurance policy and how we can all reduce our risk.

Lenore Tuckerman from Colgate introduced the new website intodent.com.au that provides a quick and easy way for dental health professionals to order the Bright Smiles, Bright Future kits for school presentations.

Ms Sam Kelly from ACT Health presented an update on infection control in the dental practice.

Associate Prof. Janet Wallace covered "Scope of Practice - the procedures, the actions, the processes." The talk tied-in nicely with Shamus Breen's earlier presentation and discussed about being aware of, and practicing within your limitations. To sum it up, “if in doubt, don't".

Cathryn Carboon spoke to us about the history and importance of fluoride and the fluoride varnish Carevan SunSmiles Program.

Annie Gregg presented "Communicate or Crash" focused on how to influence others and increase a good rapport with patients. At the end of the day we were given an activity where we divided into groups based on whether we were more task-oriented or people-oriented. We were then divided by being outgoing or more reserved.

Annie went on to describe what roles would best suit us given our DISC profile and what character traits each DISC group had. With this understanding we can now evaluate people by their different values and priorities, and subsequently treat them accordingly.

The DHAA would like to thank our sponsors for this event – Colgate, Oral B, Henry Schien Halas and GSK

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