DHAA Vic has a back-to-back CPD meeting in September

DHAA Victoria held a back-to-back CPD event with DPL in September. The attendance was so good that it looks to be an annual event now.

One of the guest speakers was former hygienist Dr. Durka Jegatheesan who is now a practicing osteopath. Dr. Jegatheesan gave us some tips on some daily movements to keep our bodies happy throughout our busy days.

Here are a few quick and easy stretches to help you get through your day, courtesy of Dr. Jegatheesan;

  • • Hand stretches – Make a fist and then stretch and spread your fingers out.
  • • Neck stretch – Place your arms behind your back. Gently pull one arm down and tilt your neck to the opposite shoulder. Hold for 15 seconds each side.
  • • Arm stretch – With fingers interlaced behind your back, lift your arms up behind you until you feel a stretch in your arms, shoulder or chest. Hold for up to 15 seconds. Keep your chest and chin in.
  • • Spine stretch – Place hands on back of hips (to stretch lower back) or low on your back (to stretch middle back) and lean backwards whilst lifting up your chest. Hold for 5 seconds, return to upright and repeat several times.
  • • Eye stretch – Focus on something in the distance ad then refocus what you are working on.

The door prize was provided by our good friends at 3M and was presented by Heather Turnbull from 3M and DHAA President Dr Melanie Hayes.