DHAA Symposium 2017: Final Report

DHAA Symposium Day Three - another hugely successful symposium

Three days of learning, networking and fun draw to a close. Read the final wrap-up of the DHAA Symposium 2017.

The Gala Dinner is by far the most popular event on the DHAA social calendar. To reflect the Symposium tagline – It’s All About The Smile – this year’s event was “It’s all about the swing”. Everybody fully-embraced the concept, with with a fantastic display of full skirts, victory curls and red lips for the ladies, and hats and ties for the guys. The swing band had everyone dancing until late into the night, which made the impressive early turn-out for day three all the more impressive.

The day kicked-off with international candidiasis expert Professor Samaranyake, talking about the oral microbiome and describing the mini “Star Wars” happening inside biofilm. His time-lapse photography of biofilm development from his research studies helped to illustrate his point. Later in the day, he returned to further explore the darker aspects of the oral microbiome.

During the breaks, delegates were encouraged to make healthy choices in recognition of World Cavity Free Future Day. All break-time refreshment options were replaced by water served in striking, red #choosewater drink bottles. Probably not such a bad thing, as it allowed some the opportunity to re-hydrate!

First break was followed by an update on pharmacology, with pharmacists Sue Edwards and Debra Rowett sharing valuable information and resources that delegates will be able to use in their clinical practice. The myth that all natural products are safe was debunked, and delegates learnt about the side-effects of many complimentary medicines. We were also reminded that almost all patients won’t volunteer that they experience a dry mouth – so we need to make sure we ask them or we won’t be able to help them manage this problem.

During lunch, new graduates were invited to attend a panel discussion and Q&A. A panel of four experts shared their insights on education, CPD and tips for the novice hygienist, and answered questions on wages, biggest challenges and clinical issues.

A DHAA Symposium wouldn’t be the same without a session on periodontology. Periodontologist Steve Soukoulis stressed that “composite resin is kryptonite for gingival tissues”, and reminded delegates how to identify recession in our patients. He also highlighted the importance of identifying recession in our pediatric patients, where such a clinical presentation may in fact be an eruption growth defect.

In the afternoon break, delegates took one final opportunity to engage with industry and collect information, samples and all manner of dental paraphernalia. The DHAA are grateful for the continued support of the industry, and welcome the phenomenal effort they make to connect with DHAA delegates. Cath Carboon also took time to sign copies of her new book “The tooth fairies best friend” at the DHAA Booth.

The day closed with Lenore Tuckerman presenting information on the Seattle Care pathway, and the challenges of increasing life expectancy on oral health.

The DHAA are grateful to everyone who came to visit us at the Trade Show and tell us why they love the Symposium. Big congratulations to Liane Turner who was the lucky winner of a free registration to DHAA Symposium 2018.

The DHAA would also like to thank all of the volunteers, speakers, delegates, industry partners and conference organisers – without whom none of this would be possible.

Symposium Adelaide has arguably been the best Symposium to date, so next year’s event in Cairns has a lot to live up to. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Why not register early – visit www.dhaasymposium2018.com.au to find out more.