DHAA Symposium 2017: Day Two Report

DHAA Symposium Day Two - All the fun of the show!

The DHAA Symposium 2017 rolled into day two. A full line-up of world-class speakers awaited to take us through to the fun and frivolity of the evening’s Gala Dinner – it’s all about the swing!

There was an air of positivity as delegates arrived at the Adelaide Convention Centre ready for day two of the Symposium. All-the-more impressive considering that many of the delegates had properly enjoyed themselves at the Welcome Drinks at the end of day one!

It was great to see the interaction between delegates and industry as people explored the trade show area in the build-up to the first speaker of the day.

After her success from yesterday, Shirley Gutkowski returned to the stand to discuss ‘The Xylitol Answer’. Shirley’s frank, and witty presentation style, pulled no punches as she presented the negative effects of sugar, and its substitutes. Fructose received a special mention, being referred to as the ‘alcohol of children’, given that it has a similar effect on the liver. Delegates learnt about the anti-adherence and anti-cohesive properties of Xylitol on the biofilm.

Next up was Professor Sam Samaranayake , our second International speaker, to discuss oral candidiasis. His talk was accompanied by some pretty confronting imagery but superbly highlighted the devastating effects of candidiasis. His clear explanation of the primary triad and associated lesions gave delegates the ability to classify and manage such lesions in the future.

Professor Sam was followed by Sharon Liberali covering the five key components of informed consent, and left us with a simple message to take away – “professional carers are not permitted to give consent”.

The trade show was in full swing during the breaks, with industry representatives busy chatting with delegates keen to learn all about new products on the market. It wasn’t long before everybody had their arms filled with showbags, excited to try out the samples on their patients when back in clinic. NSW-based delegate Kim commented: “This is by far the best exhibition I have ever been to! The industry, the presentations and the food are all amazing”.

The DHAA Special Interest Group focusing on Aged Care, also met during the lunch break. Newly-established life member, and all-round legend Margie Steffens led the discussion on how we can make a difference in this often neglected, and rapidly expanding sector of the population.

Another of day one’s successful speakers,Stavroula Zandes, returned after lunch to discuss the importance of a healthy work life balance. She soon had everybody up and out of their seats in a meditation exercise designed to free your mind. Great fun!

The day concluded with two fantastic presentations from Dr John Berketa, on the always-fascinating topic of forensic dentistry. His message to delegates was that “good dental records are more important that you think”!

It was then time to prepare for the Gala Dinner. The social highlight of every DHAA Symposium was themed “All about the swing”. If tradition is anything to go by then there will be plenty of ‘weary’ delegates showing up for day three!