Understanding the new DHAA membership package

Young dental hygienist smiling at the camera in a dental surgery to promote the new DHAA membership package

Last week we announced the new, and improved, DHAA membership package. Here’s some further information about the exciting additions, cost, coverage and more.

The Dental Hygienists Association of Australia has a responsibility to provide its members with superior services and continue to enhance member value. This is something we take seriously and are constantly engaging with members and key strategic partners to continue to deliver.

As active dental hygienists and oral health therapists we are required to have adequate professional indemnity insurance in-order to maintain our licence to practice in Australia. As this is such an important decision, the DHAA wanted to ensure it could deliver its members direct access to an insurance plan that has comprehensive coverage at a cost-effective rate, along with additional services.

After extensive research and due diligence, the DHAA have partnered with BMS. BMS is a specialist Insurance Broker with teams dedicated to providing coverage and value-added services exclusively to Associations in the Allied Health sector. You can find out more at www.dhaa.bmsgroup.com.

What are the costs?

The release of the new membership bundle has included the standardisation of membership fees across the country – part of the transition to a national association. From 1 July, 2017 the annual cost of being a full member will be $450, which includes $20 million of Professional Indemnity Insurance. Members participating in the insurance program will also have access to:

  • 30 minutes of free, confidential advice through a dedicated pro bono legal hotline, if you receive a notification or have a claim made against you;
  • Data-driven, industry-specific risk management material;
  • Increased CPD support.

A full breakdown of the national DHAA membership fees from 1 July, 2017, is as follows;

DHAA Membership plus Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Full Member – $450 per annum
  • Graduate Member – $350 per annum
  • Student Member – Free

DHAA Membership without Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Full Member – $250 per annum
  • Graduate Member – $150 per annum
  • Student Member – Free

Changes to the membership renewal cycle?

Most professional indemnity insurance policies are renewable in-line with the financial tax year. The addition of Professional Indemnity Insurance to the DHAA membership package has given us the opportunity to align all memberships to renew annually on July 1.

Due to this change we appreciate that all active members will be owed an amount of money dependent on their next renewal date. To counter this we have emailed all those affected with unique coupon codes. These codes will account for any outstanding membership you may have left to run on the old system. Please note that in all cases we have adjusted these to favour the member, rather than the association, so you may even get two or three weeks for free!

How to get on board

The new DHAA membership package, with the option of Professional Indemnity Insurance, is available now. Check out the new, and improved, website and sign-up with the dental hygiene association that has got you covered.

Not renewed yet? Click here to renew your membership in just a few quick steps.

If you have any insurance-related questions, please contact BMS on 1800 940 762 or email [email protected]