DHAA Drug Information Advisory Line

If you have an enquiry about drugs and medicines, you can access our online advisory service and receive advice from our Consultant Pharmacist.

This Advisory Service can help dental hygienists and oral health therapists with any questions they may have regarding medicines: from prescription drugs, dental products, and compounded meds, to over-the-counter-meds, herbal meds and supplements. Some areas where our Consultant Pharmacist might be able to provide advice include: dental precautions; side effects; drug interactions; drugs in pregnancy and lactation; pain management; antibiotic prophylaxis; allergies and drug choice; drug availability and cost; drug storage and disposal; prescribing and legal issues; and professional and ethical issues to do with medicines.

This service operates Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays) from 9am-5pm AEST.

Our consultant will answer urgent enquiries immediately, but where enquiries are not urgent she will aim to respond within 24 hours. Some enquiries require further investigation such as literature searching or consultation of colleagues, so the response may take longer.


Please note: Where possible, it is important to have any conversations about drug information with the dentist you have a structured professional relationship with in the first instance. If your employer Dentist is an ADA Member, it may be beneficial for them to contact the ADA Pharmacy Advice Service.

To access the drug information advisory line, click in your members area to access the contact details