DHAA and ADOHTA: Maintaining a strong relationship

Image of the two logos of DHAA and ADOHTA: Maintaining a strong relationship

Representatives of ADOHTA and the DHAA met with Dr Penny Webster (Fellow, Resolution Institute, Certified Professional, AHRI) on Friday 4 May, 2018 at The Victorian Bar Mediation Centre, Melbourne.

The DHAA were represented by Kathryn Novak (National President) and Melanie Hayes (Chief Executive Officer), while Tan Nguyen (National President) and Leticia Masters (National Vice President) appeared on behalf of ADOHTA.

The aim of the meeting was to share understanding of the current issues affecting ADOHTA and the DHAA, with a view to collaborating on a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the associations. All present were given the opportunity to speak about ‘what brought you here?’ and ‘what outcomes would you like to see?’. This initial discussion formulated the agenda for the meeting. Respect, communication, working together after a Fair Work Commission decision, continuing professional development, merging associations and the MOU were topics mutually agreed upon that needed resolution.

After healthy discussion, it was agreed that open communication would be key to moving forward and strengthening relations. It was agreed that a minimum of two annual meetings will be scheduled between the DHAA and ADOHTA to discuss current and potential issues within the profession in an effort to work collaboratively. Further, it was agreed to draft a MOU to fortify our strategies for communication and co-operation.

The leadership teams of ADOHTA and the DHAA are determined to maintain a strong relationship between the associations in the future. Collaboration will ensure strength when advocating for the professions of dental hygiene, dental therapy and oral heath therapy.