Controlling infection in the dental practice and shaving heads

The full-day CPD event, “Control the Infection”, held in Newcastle on 7 April, 2018, was professional and educational, yet full of smiles and laughter.

The biggest cheer of the day was for the previously very hirsute Vitor Diogo when he bravely had his head shaved to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation – well done Vitor!

Delegates attending the NSW full-day CPD in Newcastle

However, we had all come to learn and Christopher Jobson delivered an engaging presentation on “Infection Control in the Dental Practice”. He stressed the importance of the need for sterilising pouches to be dry when coming out of the autoclave, otherwise, the contents are not sterile; but ultimately it is up to you, as the provider, to ensure that infection control guidelines are followed.

Dr. Christopher Lacey then delivered two presentations on the “Systemic Theory of Caries” and “Xylitol’s Role in Caries Prevention”.

When investigating caries, Dr. Lacey discussed the need to look at a patient’s diet as well as their level of exercise, sleep hygiene and stress response. In his second presentation he mentioned that for Xylitol to be effective at reducing caries, it needs to be in five doses spread out over the course of a day.

Delegates attending the NSW full-day CPD in Newcastle

Kay Franks discussed the role of the dental professional in the delivery and implementation of diet and nutrition information. She also mentioned that studies have shown that caries rates rise with an increase of time spent watching TV. Two factors that were found to contribute to this were an increase of sugary snack consumption and the advertising of sugary snacks during the viewing session.

Dr. Meredith Owen presented two talks on “Biofilm and the Periodontal Patient” and “Personalised Periodontal Medicine”.

Dr. Owen discussed Plaque Dysbosis and the microbials involved in periodontal disease. She also touched on how the angulations of toothbrush filament fibres really do make a difference in plaque control with angled toothbrush bristles removing more plaque than multi-level or flat bristled brushes.

Delegates attending the NSW full-day CPD in Newcastle

The DHAA Newcastle Committee send their warmest regards to all of our speakers who graciously volunteered their time to talk.You make these events possible and we can’t thank you enough!