Code of Ethics

The oral health profession holds a unique position of trust within society. As dental hygienists and oral health practitioners we are afforded certain privileges that are not available to members of the public. In return, the profession makes a commitment to society that its members will adhere to high ethical standards of conduct.

Outlining our key priorities

The Principal Objectives of the DHAA are to:

  1. Promote, represent and advance the profession of oral health on a State, National and International level.
  2. Promote access to quality preventive oral health services to all peoples.
  3. Promote the art and science of dentistry, and foster research in oral health.
  4. Establish liaison between the Association and other allied health organisations, bodies, associations and companies.
  5. Provide all those services usually provided by a professional association to its members including:
  6. Continual updating and advancement of professional development and competencies through continuous professional education programs incorporating evolving scientific knowledge and technology to meet the highest standards of care, and,
  7. Maintaining high ethical standards and representing the interests of the members of the oral health profession.
The Code of Ethics of DHAA Members is to:

  1. Provide oral health care utilising the highest level of professional knowledge, judgement and skill.
  2. Serve all patients without discrimination.
  3. Hold in confidence the details of all professional services and the confidence by or of any patient.
  4. Refrain from criticising the dental profession.
  5. Function harmoniously with all health professions.
  6. Comply with and support The National Law and report any breaches.
  7. Create and maintain a healthy and ecological work environment that will minimise risk to patients and colleagues.
  8. Support and participate responsibility in our professional association and uphold its objectives and policies.
  9. Develop co-operative relationships and exchange knowledge with other health professionals.
  10. Advance professional competencies through continuous learning to meet the highest standards of care.
  11. Hold confident all matters and details pertaining to the Association.
  12. Attain permission prior to any written or verbal public statement.