New DHAA Directors Elected

The DHAA are very pleased to announce the appointment of two new directors, and the re-election of two more, to the DHAA Board. The DHAA recently called for Nominations for Director vacancies in the ACT, Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. We received four nominations from enthusiastic and suitably qualified members, which have subsequently been approved by the Board. … Read More

DHAA Ltd appoint a new CEO

Image of Dr Melanie Hayes - DHAA CEO

The Dental Hygienists Association of Australia (DHAA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Melanie Hayes as the new Chief Executive Officer of the association, effective 28 August 2017. The appointment of a CEO was determined to be a strategic priority of the DHAA at the Leadership Day and subsequent board meeting held in May this year, and signals … Read More

Help to improve motivational interviewing skills

Image of two volunteers in volunteer t-shirts

“The effect of training videos on dental practitioners Motivational Interviewing skills, knowledge and confidence.” You are invited to participate in a research project which is being conducted by the Melbourne Dental School, University of Melbourne. The Responsible Researcher is Dr Melanie Hayes, at the Melbourne Dental School. This project has been approved by The University of Melbourne Human Research Ethics … Read More

New DHAA insurance package is a huge success

Illustration of tooth in gold star on green background

The recent addition of Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance to DHAA membership has received outstanding support. The June 30 watershed has seen a huge spike in renewal activity and the future is looking pretty rosy for the dental hygienist and oral health therapist community. “The DHAA board took a decision to extend the number of benefits available to our members, and … Read More

Continuing the fight for our award-free status

Image of hands holding up the letters to spell the word CAMPAIGN

This is the DHAA response to ADOHTA Industrial Relations Update that was published 27 May, 2017 The DHAA notes that ADOHTA recently communicated with its membership regarding their position on seeking Oral Health Therapists on the Health Professional and Support Services Award. This communication made a number of false statements about the DHAA and presented various inaccuracies about the issue … Read More

Award-Free Status Under Threat

Image showing cogs moving in opposite directions

As always, the DHAA listens to its members concerns, as well as any voiced by the wider profession. In recent weeks we have noticed an increasing volume of concerns about industrial relations issues, in particular the lack of an award for our profession and potential for a union to represent our needs. The DHAA would like to clarify some of … Read More

Understanding the new DHAA membership package

Young dental hygienist smiling at the camera in a dental surgery to promote the new DHAA membership package

Last week we announced the new, and improved, DHAA membership package. Here’s some further information about the exciting additions, cost, coverage and more. The Dental Hygienists Association of Australia has a responsibility to provide its members with superior services and continue to enhance member value. This is something we take seriously and are constantly engaging with members and key strategic … Read More

National Symposium – Six Months Away!

DHAA Symposium Adelaide 2017 promo image of Adelaide skyline at night

Time is travelling ever-faster and amazingly we’re only six months away from the 2017 National Symposium. Last year’s event in Hobart was acclaimed as one of our best ever and the Symposium Adelaide organising committee have taken the challenge to make this year’s event even better. Top speakers are already confirmed and a range of outstanding workshops are being organised. … Read More

Exciting times to be a DHAA member

The DHAA has been listening to its members and has exciting news about how it’s enhancing member value that will be announced in the coming weeks. For now, here’s a hint. The main addition is particularly relevant at this time of year, as many of us start to think about renewing our Professional Indemnity insurance (PI). Meeting your obligations as … Read More

Give dental hygiene a voice in Australia!

Image of a girl dresses in a 1950's style with a megaphone

The DHAA would like to encourage its members to apply for appointment to state and territory committees of the Dental Board of Australia. Dental hygienist registration numbers are increasing and the majority of oral health therapists are working predominantly in dental hygiene (as per AHPRA data); as such, it is important that the profession increases our representation on the Dental … Read More