Winning the battle against Fluoride fears

As oral health professionals we are often faced with the challenge of educating our patients to trust new or previously feared treatments. So often we get incorrect theories being used against our suggested course of action, and hearing the words “My friend said…” or “I read somewhere…” is normally a good indication that it’s going to be an uphill struggle … Read More

Why I love being a dental hygienist

As dental hygienists and oral health therapists we face a whole variety of situations every day. Most of these will be routine and unsurprising – that’s the nature of what we do – but just occasionally we will be faced with an out-of-the-box challenge. These challenges may take the form of a previously untried procedure or a piece of equipment … Read More

Hygienist Hub Coming Soon

The DHAA are launching a new section of the member site for Dental Hygienists and Oral Health Therapists can share their professional experiences to create a knowledge bank that can be referenced by all DHAA members. We will be publishing tales relating to the following; • Patient Success Stories • New Equipment & Procedure Reviews • Industrial Relation matters • … Read More