ADA Request Feedback on Changes to Schedule

Following our recent communication with the ADA regarding changes to item numbers 281 and 282 in the Schedule, we have received the following advice to disseminate to our members:

Following the release of the Australian Schedule of Dental Services and Glossary, 11th Edition in early March, there has been concern expressed about the removal of item numbers 281 and 282, and the way in which this will impact patient administration and claiming.

So the ADA can fully appreciate the range of views on this issue, the Schedule & Third Party Committee would like to invite you to provide comment via submission on the deletion of these item numbers.

Providing Your Submission:

• Prepare your written submission in a Microsoft Word document and attach it to an email. Alternatively, you are welcome to write your submission in the body of an email.

• Send it to [email protected]

• You will receive an acknowledgement receipt via email.

•The consultation process will be open from 1st April and close 29th April. Submissions received after this time cannot be considered.

•Once the consultation period closes, the Schedule and Third Party Committee will review all submissions and make recommendations to Federal Executive regarding the future status of item numbers 281 and 282.

As always, please feel free to contact the ADA if you have any questions on [email protected]

We hope that you will take the time to provide feedback on this important issue; the ADA need to be aware that changes to the Schedule require consultation, affect all dental practitioners, and also impact on the affordability of dental services for the public.