Ergonomics and Instrumentation Workshop

Did you know that over 70% of Oral Health professionals have reported strain and injuries due to their posture and positioning, with Dental Hygienists and OHTs being the largest proportion of that population?

This hands on workshop will focus on instrumentation, seat and hand positioning as well as advanced fulcrums to provide clinicians with knowledge of how to look after their bodies while looking after their patients!

We will discuss common causes of body strains and injuries in the surgery and have the opportunity to participate in functional Pilates throughout the session led by Katie Crane, who will take us through a series of exercises that you can use both in surgery and at home to maintain good postural health for a happy work and home life! Katie is the Founder of Encore Pilates & Wellness in Darwin .

Each attendee will receive their own yoga mat to take home courtesy of Hu-Friedy. Come dressed in appropriate workout gear and get ready to learn how to look after yourself!