Miss Ashlinn Mason

BOH, CSU BOH Discipline lead

Miss Ashlinn Mason is a graduate of The University of Melbourne and was chosen as one of eight Oral Health Therapists from Australia to be a part of the Dental Practitioners Graduate Program run by Dental Health Services Victoria in 2013. During this year, she co-created the Barwon Health outreach program ‘Wide Smiles’ which screens pre-school and prep/grade 1 children and has shown to reverse and stabilise early-signs of decay through fluoride application, early intervention and oral health messages. Nominated for a number of awards, the program is now in its ninth year. Her program has won the Barwon Health Health Care Innovation award 2 years running, as well the GMHBA Researcher of the Year Award for Smart Initiatives for Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies. She has co-published 2 papers on the program to date.

Volunteering as a clinician for the Hall Technique study run by Dr Rachel Martin and Dr Hany Calache in 2013, she has followed these patients through the 3-year study and was also a finalist in the Audience Choice Awards for Barwon Health for her work on Victoria’s Hall Technique study paper. Moving into the teaching space in 2016 and attaining her Graduate Certificate in Dental Therapy (a=Advanced Clinical Practice), Teaching Certificate and Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (High Education) qualifications, Ashlinn now divides her time between clinical, rural and outreach work in the public sector whilst leading the CSU Bachelor of Oral Health program as Discipline lead at Holmesglen, Melbourne.