Webinar - Trauma Management & Mouthguard Update

Join us for a 1 hour online webinar on mouthguard modalities and updates!


Research tells us that the majority of people that wear a mouthguard, wear an over-the-counter (OTC) style of guard for a variety of reasons not least of all, orthodontics, convenience, price-point and last-minute purchase. These sportspeople and/or carers ideally seek a convenient, less expensive, alternate to the dental-made guard yet are often confronted with a bulky, loose-fitting guard that makes it difficult for an athlete to talk, breathe and perform at their best. The consequence is that these guards spend most of the game either being “chewed on” or in their athlete's sock! This webinar will explore various mouthguard modalities and the Neomorph Mouthguards. 


About our speaker:

Amanda Trenerry

Amanda Trenerry is a dental hygienist of over 30 years and the founder of Neomorph Mouthguards. Mouth protection is rarely at the forefront of people's minds unless you’re a parent responsible for a child playing sport, or a dental clinician who has seen the damage caused because of underperforming mouthguards. Like many parents & dental professionals, Amanda had concerns with the bulkiness and poor fit of OTC mouthguards and while she believed that professionally made mouthguards provide good protection, she was acutely aware that this style of guard was not the most practical option for everyone.


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26/10/2022 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
AUS Eastern Daylight Time
Online Webinar AUSTRALIA
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