Webinar - Cemental Tear and Perio-endo Interactions

Join us for a 1 hour online webinar on cemental tears and perio-endo lesions.


Cemental tear and perio-endo interactions: where two worlds meet, or not.


Differentiating between endodontic and periodontal infections can be tricky, often because the signs and symptoms can be confusing, especially when there are interactions.

This lecture delves into the connection between the two, uncovering the pathways of infection. Clinical cases will be discussed, highlighting the importance of diagnosis and treatment planning.

Proposed learning objectives:

  • To define and discuss the clinical, radiographic and histopathologic features of cemental tears.
  • To evaluate the classifications of endo-perio disease
  • To discuss through the diagnoses, treatment options and prognoses of cemental tear and perio-endo diseases with clinical cases

About our speaker: Dr Aovana Timmerman

After graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Science from the University of Melbourne in 2001, Aovana pursued specialist training, completing a fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (RACDS) in 2010 and a Doctorate of Clinical Dentistry in Endodontics from the University of Melbourne.

Her commitment to patient care extends beyond private practice at Collins Street Specialist Centre. She previously provided specialist endodontic services to Melbourne Dental Clinic, Plenty Valley Community Clinic, and the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne (up to 2016). This diverse experience provided her with a deep understanding of various patient needs and settings.

Dr. Timmerman is deeply passionate about endodontic education. Since 2011, she has actively contributed to the University of Melbourne, currently serving as a clinical demonstrator for the Doctor of Dental Surgery Endodontic program. She also plays a critical role in professional development by being on the Board of Studies (Endodontics) in the RACDS and examining dentists for both the RACDS and Australian Dental Council.

Her dedication to continuous learning is evident in her ongoing PhD research at the University of Melbourne on endodontic education. This, combined with her publications in local and international peer-reviewed journals, demonstrates her commitment to advancing the field of endodontics. Webinar Times:

SA, NT - 7.30 pm 
WA - 6pm


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12/06/2024 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
Online Webinar AUSTRALIA
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