Webinar - Professional OHI for Removable Dental Appliances

Join us for a 1 hour online webinar on delivering specialised OHI for removable dental appliances in under 60 seconds



As oral health professionals, we often see patients struggle to keep their removable dental appliances clean. We know wearing unhygienic dental appliances can lead to a range of oral diseases and potentially contribute to infections of the heart, lungs and other organs. This webinar will delve into delivering effective, evidence-based OHI for removable dental appliances in under 60 seconds.

Topics to be covered include:

  • How to formulate science based dental appliance hygiene guidelines
  • A review of the science, research and industry recommendations
  • An audit of existing patient home care and dental appliance plaque control
  • What hygiene information our patients are finding on-line
  • How to deliver science based OHI for removable dental appliances in under 60secs


About our speaker:  

Dr Mark Wotherspoon
Mark's career began 28 years ago when he re-located from his home town of Wagga Wagga to the remote Kimberley of Western Australia working as a Dental Officer as well as providing services to the Military Service in the ADF (Army Dental Corps). He was based at a small hospital in Wyndham whilst also flying out to remote Indigenous communities to provide dental care.

Mark has worked as a University Clinical Demonstrator and is the Co - Founder of MPDS [ Mobile Portable Dental Systems]. He has successfully integrated a domiciliary dental service into private practice with his 'Dentist Home Visit' service and is the inventor and founder of the Dr Mark's Hygenie product range. 

Webinar Times:

SA, NT- 7.30 pm 
WA - 6pm


Registration cost:

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8/09/2022 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
Online Webinar AUSTRALIA
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