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Back by popular demand, a day at Aloft Perth featuring the following speakers;




  • Dr Gregory Celine

    • The swollen face: a case series of odontogenic infections in children

  • Dr Jee-Yun Leung

    • When the Medical History Hits the Next Page – Where to Start with Patients with Special Needs
  • Dr Jacinta Vu

    • Healing Smiles

  • Dr Lyle Lansdown

    • Vegetations of Mass Infection: What is endocarditis and the association with dentistry
  • Tiffany Banner and Jo Edgell
    • Oral Health Clinics for Autistic Children: Exploring the Impact of Familiarization Appointments 

  • Esther Carder
    • Indiviualised Oral Care


The swollen face: a case series of odontogenic infections in children

Diagnosis and management of dental infections

This lecture delves into the various presentations of “the swollen face” in paediatric patients, through a series of clinical case studies. It highlights conditions that are commonly misdiagnosed and pinpoints frequent pitfalls in treatment, aiming to enhance the clinician's diagnostic and decision-making skills. Emphasis is placed on interpreting clinical signs, understanding the underlying pathophysiology, and adopting evidence-based treatment strategies. The session seeks to equip clinicians with the knowledge and practical insights needed to navigate these complex cases effectively, enhancing patient outcomes and reducing the likelihood of complications.

Learning objectives:

  1. Aetiology and Pathophysiology: Understand the causes of odontogenic infections ranging from untreated dental caries, anomalies, dental trauma, and their pathophysiological mechanisms.
  2. Clinical Presentation and Early Detection: Describe the symptoms of odontogenic infections, emphasising the importance of early recognition and the consequences of delayed treatment.
  3. Diagnostic Approaches: Outline standard procedures for diagnosing odontogenic infections, including the use of  appropriate radiographic imaging.
  4. Management and Treatment: Review best practices for managing odontogenic infections, with a focus on pharmacological and surgical interventions, and discuss the role of antibiotics and resistance.         


When the Medical History Hits the Next Page – Where to Start with Patients with Special Needs


The treatment approach involved in Special Needs Dentistry is complex, requiring a good understanding of multiple medical and social factors in a compromised oral environment, and evidence-based medical and dental guidelines. This lecture will explore the range of patients with special needs an oral health practitioner may encounter, and the holistic and rational care philosophy behind SND.

learning objectives:

    1. Introduction to Special Needs Dentistry
    2. Understanding barriers to receiving dental care
    3. Performing a risk assessment
    4. Assessing what treatment modifications may be required
    5. Understanding treatment intent and goals, and how these may change over time


Healing Smiles

Volunteerism in the Family and Domestic Violence Space

An overview of Healing Smiles, a unique and life-changing WA-based registered charity that provides pro-bono dental treatment to survivors of family and domestic violence.

Vegetations of Mass Infection: What is endocarditis and the association with dentistry

What is endocarditis and what is the effect on the heart? This talk will cover a background in endocarditis, how it is acquired and the types of organisms associated with it. There will be video examples of normal valves juxtaposed with infected valves. Treatment of infections will also be covered. The topic will cover dentistry and risks of endocarditis from dental procedures

Learning objectives:  How endocarditis is acquired, the effects on the heart and treatment options


Oral Health Clinics for Autistic Children: Exploring the Impact of Familiarization Appointments


This presentation examines systemic barriers and potential enablers for autistic children accessing dental care. It highlights the impact of Curtin University's familiarization appointments for both oral health students and autistic individuals and aims to identify ways to promote equitable oral health care for autistic individuals.

We will draw upon current research to examine the profound impact of systemic barriers that autistic children face when accessing oral healthcare services. By examining the success of the Curtin oral health student familiarization program, this presentation highlights ways to improve the dental care experience for autistic children. We will discuss ways to overcome systemic obstacles and advocate for much-needed changes to ensure the oral health of this population.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand systemic barriers that hinder access to dental care for autistic children.
  2. Identify key enablers that could promote better oral health outcomes for autistic children.
  3. Advocate for systemic changes in the dental care system to better accommodate the needs of autistic individuals.


Individualised Oral Care

The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate Individualised dental care for different patient groups: 
  • Children’s dental care,
  • oral hygiene for patients with orthodontic appliances
  • needs to be taken into consideration for elderly patients.
Part of my presentation will involve the audience become acquainted with a selection of TePe products that would assist this process. 
Learning Objectives
  1. Understand the benefits of individualised oral hygiene instructions.
  2. Be familiar with the changes that can occur in the mouth with ageing.
  3. Be able to recommend and instruct different patients in the use of specialty brushes.


Dr Gregory Celine

Dr Greg Celine is a specialist paediatric dentist with special interest in the treatment of medically-compromised children and paediatric hospital dentistry.  Greg completed his undergraduate studies at Griffith University on the Gold Coast and his specialist training in Paediatric Dentistry at the University of Western Australia.  Greg works as a full-time consultant paediatric dentist at Perth Children’s Hospital and splits his time between clinics, theatres and supervising the current postgraduate students, and also operates at Busselton Hospital in WA’s Southwest as part of an outreach program.  He is also the current president of the WA Branch of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry.


Dr  Jee-Lun Leung

Dr Jee-Yun Leung is currently the only Specialist in Special Needs Dentistry in WA, and is passionate about tackling the oral health inequalities faced by those living with special needs. She is a Consultant at Fiona Stanley Hospital, where she sees patients with medical complexities and disability, is part of the Head & Neck Cancer Multidisciplinary Team, and teaches UWA dental students. She serves on the State Oral Health Advisory Committee of the WA Chief Dental Office, is a Dental Specialists Society of WA Councillor and UWA Fogarty Scholar Alumnus, and holds membership with the ANZASND, RACDS and ADA.

Jee-Yun has local and international SND experience, and was awarded prestigious scholarships for her undergraduate and specialty training. She has completed a Masters in Special Care Dentistry at the Eastman Dental Institute (University College London), Diploma in Special Care Dentistry (Royal College of Surgeons England), and Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Special Needs Dentistry (University of Adelaide). Her research includes oral health delivery systems for people with special needs, quality of online dental information, and early radiographic changes in osteoradionecrosis. She recently contributed 6 textbook chapters to A Practical Approach to Special Care Dentistry (Wiley-Blackwell 2022).


Dr Jacinta Vu

Oral Medicine Specialist BDsc (Hons), DClinDent (Oral Med/Oral Path), MRACDS (OralMed), FRACDS, FPFA, FADI, FICDDr

Jacinta Vu is an experienced Oral Medicine Specialist and co-owner of The Centre for Oral Medicine and Facial Pain. She completed her dental degree at UWA in 2001 prior to undertaking specialist Oral Medicine training at the University of Sydney in 2010. Jacinta has worked extensively in private practice, as well as holding a Consultant Oral Medicine Specialist role at Perth Children’s Hospital. Dr Vu has been involved in teaching and lecturing the Doctor of Dental Medicine and Doctor of Clinical Dentistry students at the University of Western Australia and is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at UWA. Dr Vu is a Member of the Royal Australasian College of Dentists in the Oral Medicine stream, and a Fellow in the general dental stream.

With a passion for volunteering, Dr Vu is the Clinical Coordinator of Healing Smiles, a probono dental treatment program for survivors of domestic violence in WA.  Dr Vu’s contributions to dentistry and society have been recognised with Fellowships in the Pierre Fauchard Academy, the Academy Dentistry International and the International College of Dentistry.

With her extensive clinical experience, warm patient-centred approach and collaborative nature, Jacinta will work with you to improve the health and function of the orofacial region.


Dr Lyle Lansdown

Lyle Lansdown Supervisor Sonographer at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Over 20 years’ experience at a tertiary hospital in Cardiology with background as a Cardiac Scientist, Cardiac Sonographer and now Supervisor for the past 7 years. 





Tiffany Banner

Tiffany Banner is a dedicated research officer at the Autism Association of WA, applying her expertise in systemic advocacy to improve healthcare experiences for autistic individuals. Her passion for inclusion, cultivated through her research experience as a university Diversity and Inclusion lecturer, directly informs her work in co-design teams to identify and address systemic barriers and enablers for lasting change. In her current role, she drives initiatives focused on healthcare settings, promoting equitable access and quality care for autistic individuals. Her commitment and passion guides her work with the Curtin University oral health initiative, where she collaborates with stakeholders to develop and evaluate innovative approaches for improving dental care experiences for autistic children.



Jo Edgell

Jo Edgell, co-design facilitator at the Autism Association of WA, is a passionate advocate for systemic change in the health and disability sectors. Leveraging extensive experience in consulting and facilitating transformative programs across diverse settings, Jo collaborates with autistic individuals, families, and healthcare professionals to identify barriers and facilitators to better healthcare for the autistic community. Her work, guided by research and delivered in collaboration with various stakeholders, including individuals with lived experience, health professionals, and Curtin Oral Health, has supported the implementation of a unique model which has shown significant positive outcomes for autistic individuals accessing dental care.


Esther Carder

Esther graduated from Curtin University in 1997 with an associates degree in dental hygiene. She has worked in private practice over the last 26 years in WA for general and specialist dentists. Along with this she was a research officer for the UWA Smile Study in 2005-2008, researching the link between periodontal disease and preterm and low birth weight babies. I have a special interest in  oral health prevention  and have run lessons in day care centres, primary schools and in orphanages overseas ( India).

Esther currently works in the dental speciality of periodontics at "Western Periodontics and Implants with Dr Melanie McAlpine, in Northbridge. She joined Tepe in October 2023 as a clinical educator -  educating in preventive oral care to both dental professionals and the public.




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