WA - Half Day Breakfast Event

Join us at the QT Perth for an educational breakfast event!



Featuring speakers & Topics:

  • Leigh Ray
    -TMJ Assessment & Treatment: Jaw Physiotherapy

  • Dr Lalima Tiwari
    -Tales of Oral Burning


CPD Hours: 3 hours Scientific/ Non scientific

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Our event hand hygiene products and masks are kindly sponsored by Erskine Oral Care.


Speaker Biographies:

Dr Lalima Tiwari
(UWA), MRACDS (PDS), DClinDent (OralMed) (UWA), MRACDS (OralMed), FOMAA

Dr Lalima Tiwari is an Oral Medicine Specialist providing comprehensive care in all aspects of clinical oral medicine, including diagnoses and management of Oral Diseases, Orofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine. She obtained her Doctor of Clinical Dentistry from the University of Western Australia and currently practices at Perth Oral Medicine and Dental Sleep Centre. She also holds a part-time public appointment at the Oral Health Centre of Western Australia as a clinical tutor for the DCD Oral Medicine Program. She is a Fellow of the Oral Medicine Academy of Australasia, a member of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and the Australian Dental Association. She is also serves as vice president of Women in Dentistry (WA) Inc and as a general council officer for the Oral Medicine Academy of Australasia. Lalima also has multiple peer reviewed publications on topics including oral oncology, epigenetics and orofacial pain, with a particular interest in digital healthcare.

Leigh Ray
BSc(Physiotherapy), Member of ANZAOP.org

Leigh Ray completed her degree in Physiotherapy in 2001 at Curtin University, and has worked predominately in private practice in both Australia and the UK. Leigh has firsthand experience of crippling pain which motivated her to find techniques that worked. As a chronic pain sufferer of endometriosis, fibromyalgia, IBS and chronic fatigue, Leigh has used her skillset and extensive knowledge to reduce her own 30 years of 7/10 pain to 2/10, with no jaw pain and headaches! She is an active member of international oral pain groups who follow a biopsychosocial model to management of pain. Lecture synopsis; How I assess clients, full medical and psychosocial questions. 

Lecture Synopsis:

Dr Lilima Tiwari - Tales of Oral Burning

Intra oral burning is a commonly presenting oral symptom and often a source of significant frustration for patients. The symptom itself is associated with a variety of underlying conditions, and it is essential for clinicians to have a sound understanding of the factors that may be responsible for oral burning. This lecture will discuss cases demonstrating the varying presentations of intra oral burning and aim to provide clinicians a pragmatic approach in clarifying this issue.

Leigh Ray - TMJ Assessment & Treatment: Jaw Physiotherapy

This lecture looks at what majority of TMJ pain clients have in common in terms of biochemistry and what aspects can be improved significantly. Physical mechanics – physiotherapy, options for better health, biochemistry referral, psychology of pain/childhood triggers, sense of why we are here on the planet/self-empowerment, basic introduction to counselling – self care – what is self love – ‘joy list/resources’ and life-work discussions. The lecture will also feature an interactive component where there will be a TMJ assessment and dry needling demonstration. 

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26/02/2023 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
W. Australia Standard Time
QT Perth 133 Murray Street Perth, WA 6000 AUSTRALIA

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