WA - Half Day at Pagoda Resort

Join us for a half day at the Pagoda Resort & Spa in Como. A day of great speakers and great company!


CPD Topics:

  • Dr Samy Francis (Periodontist) 
    • Periodontal Supportive Therapy: Does Maintenance Work?

    This presentation will look at the evidence around periodontal maintenance, the factors that determine its success and the new techniques and modalities.

  • Dr Iain Hennessy (Chiropractor)
    • Postural care, it’s like Flossing for your Spine

Just like brushing and flossing your teeth every day is associated with improved dental hygiene, setting yourself up with good spinal posture and regularly stretching and strengthening the muscles of the back and neck leads to improved spinal health. You just need to be taught how.

  • Dr Garrie Rao (Dentist)
    • Myotherapy & Early Orthodontic Assessment: The 5 W’s & Consent

     Diagnosis and Involvement of the Dental Hygienist in Early Intervention Orthodontics and its multidisciplinary impacts

  • Danielle Aubrey (Speech Pathologist) 
    • Autism in the Dental Sector
      This presentation will provide key information about Autism, and teach strategies to support Autistic patients.


CPD Hours: 4hrs scientific

Our event hand hygiene products and masks are kindly sponsored by Erskine Oral Care.

Lecture Synopsis:

Periodontal Supportive Therapy - Dr Samy Francis

Periodontal Supportive Therapy: Does Maintenace Work?

Periodontal maintenance is an integral part of the everyday periodontal practice. Dr Samy Francis will dive into the evidence of its importance, the factors that determine its success and the new techniques and modalities implemented to improve its outcomes and consequently the periodontal health of our patients.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of maintenance 
  • Identify the factors that determine periodontal health 
  • Learn new techniques and modalities to be implemented clinical
  • Improve overall outcomes for the periodontal health of our patients 

Autism in the Dental Sector - Danielle Aubrey

Supporting Autistic patients

 This presentation outlines key information about the facts and characteristics of Autism. It also provides a wide range of strategies specifically suggested when seeing Autistic individuals for dental appointments.

Myotherapy & Early Orthodontic Assessment: The 5 W’s & Consent - Dr Garrie Rao

Diagnosis and Involvement of the Dental Hygienist in Early Intervention Orthodontics and its multidisciplinary impacts

Learning objectives:

  1. WHO – Are our potential patients? 3 months to adults.  
  2. WHAT – Are we looking for? Assessments by age.
  3. WHEN – To intervene or not or wait.
  4. WHERE – Areas of the head / neck / body to assess.
  5. WHY – Holistic approach multidisciplinary mentality.

Postural care, it’s like Flossing for your Spine - Dr Iain Hennessy

The postural position adopted whilst working as a Dental Hygienist is often one which compromises the support structures of your spine, potentially leading to long term damage or degeneration that may haunt you long after your career is over. With a little knowledge of anatomy, combined with creating some good habits with personal positioning and posture while working and regular stretching and strengthening of the postural muscles, much of the risk of causing spinal degeneration and injury can be considerably reduced.

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding the process of how poor posture leads to spinal injuries and degeneration
  • Learn how to adapt posture at work to minimise risk of injury to the spine and associated musculature
  • Take away some simple postural exercises to help manage stress on the spine

Speaker Biographies:

Dr Samy Francis

Dr Samy Francis works as a periodontist in private practice in Perth. He grew up in Egypt and in 2008, he completed a Bachelor of Dental Science with Distinction. After graduation, he has worked in both private practice and the public sector in Egypt, New Zealand, Central Queensland, Canberra, regional New South Wales, and regional and metro of Western Australia. In 2018, Dr Francis completed a three year postgraduate Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Periodontics) degree through the University of Western Australia.

Since then, he worked in private practice in Perth, Bunbury, Darwin, and Adelaide for 18 months till he decided to settle in Perth full time. Samy is currently the treasurer of the Western Australian branch of the Australian Society of Periodontology (ASP WA). He is also a member of Faculty of Dental Surgeons, Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh), and the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in periodontics.

Danielle Aubrey

Danielle Aubrey is a Project Officer and Senior Speech Pathologist at the Autism Association of Western Australia. She has worked across the health and disability sector since graduating in 2008 and has over 15 years experience working with Autistic individuals of varying ages and abilities. Over the past 4 years, Danielle has been working with health and dental professionals throughout Western Australia to develop and launch an online website that provides training and resources to best support patients with Autism.  

Dr Garrie Rao

Dr Rao is passionate about people and he fulfils this through dentistry and pursuing and driving growth and perfection to that end for the betterment of his patients and the profession. The birth of his first child Eva and long awaited paternity leave has spurred on his passion for teaching and mentoring.

Dr Rao has over 16 years comprehensive general dental practice experience from Government to Not-For-Profit and of which the last 5 have been in Private Practice the fast growing and highly reviewed Diamond Smiles Dental (Carramar). He has undergone further training and honing of his special interest skills in Myotherapy, Breast Feeding, Sleep, Breathing and Early Intervention Orthodontics.

Along with this has been dedication to practice efficiencies seen through 15 years of prior business (non-dental) startup-to-large enterprise listing experience.

Dr Iain Hennessy

Graduated from Murdoch university in 2009 with Merit Honors and Dux of his graduating year. Since graduating Iain has been in Private Practice running multiple Chiropractic Clinics including weekly clinics at a Mine Site in Remote WA and nearby country town, along with a Perth based clinic in Subiaco. Dr Hennessy is also a member of the clinician team at Murdoch University overseeing 5th year students in the Murdoch University Chiropractic clinic.

Outside of his Chiropractic practice, Iain is a Reebok Sponsored Athlete, international trainer and presenter for Les Mills Asia Pacific, working to train and upskill fitness instructors through Australia and Asia.

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8/7/2021 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
Pagoda Resort & Spa, 112 Melville Parade Como, WA 6152 AUSTRALIA
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