DHAA in Bali

By popular demand, we are off to Bali again!


Destination BALI!

Join the DHAA once again in Tropical Bali for a full day of CPD on the June long weekend. Registration opening November 2023

Featuring speakers:

  • Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen
  • Shida Taheri 
  • Jacqueline Biggar
  • Shamus Breen
  • Zaeni Dahlan



A Traffic Light System For Bruxism

Red, Yellow and Green. What needs to be treated, what is "normal" and what should be referred? Join Amanda Phoon Nguyen as she takes you through some of her considerations when managing patients with bruxism. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand the definition of bruxism
  2. To consider differential diagnoses for a patient with suspected bruxism
  3. To have an overview of bruxism management, current consensus and evidence-based practice


A Traffic Light System For Oral Mucosal Disease

Red, Yellow and Green. What needs to be treated, what is "normal" and what should be referred? Join Amanda Phoon Nguyen as she takes you through some of her considerations when managing patients with oral mucosal disease.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To become more familiar with variants of normal anatomy
  2. Enhance your head and neck examination
  3. Understand red flags and what needs urgent referral
  4. How to improve your referrals to avoid unnecessary delays


Beyond the Clinic Walls: Navigating in Mobile Dentistry for our Paediatrics Patients. 

Learning objectives:

  1. Understanding the importance of early dental care
  2. Navigating Challenges and Opportunities in Mobile Dentistry for Children
  3. Promoting Oral Health Education and habits


Creating access to oral health care in aged care facilities

Learning objectives

  1. Understand the target population and why the elderly need us.
  2. Explore the challenges faced by the mobile dental provider in aged care facilities
  3. Identify what you need before starting to service aged care facility patients.


Interpretation and Implementation of the Human Needs Conceptual Model in the Dental Hygiene Process of Care in Indonesia


As independent oral health practitioners, dental hygienists and dental therapists in Indonesia use the Human Needs Conceptual Model in their practice. This model is expected to be effective to improve oral health status of the patients.

Learning objectives:  

  • To have an overview of dental hygiene practice in Indonesia
  • To understand how the Human Needs Conceptual Model in the Dental Hygiene Process of Care has been interpreted and implemented in Indonesia

The power of communication in claims prevention

Would you consider yourself a good communicator? It’s something we all do, all the time, so it’s easy to be an afterthought when treating patients.

Claims under the DHAA member insurance program indicate poor communication could be contributing to claims, breakdown of the treating relationship with patients and poor equipment hygiene.

The 2022-2023 ahpra report also lists communication as the second most common type of complaint at 7.5% for dental practitioners.

In this session Shamus Breen, Managing Director of BMS, DHAA’s insurance partner, discusses common claims oral health hygienists face, how effective communication could help avoid these and what to do if you do face a claim.

At the end of the session delegates will be able to:

  • Explain what effective communication is;
  • Identify when there is a breakdown of communication;
  • Apply strategies to mitigate risk in a clinical setting;
  • Understand the potential impact of a claim


    CPD Hours: 5.5 hours Scientific



    Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen  

    Oral Medicine Specialist

    Amanda is a Perth Oral medicine specialist, Senior Lecturer at Curtin University, and Consultant at Perth Children’s Hospital. She is the chair of the Oral Medicine Academy of Australasia Education and Scientific Committee, an examiner and on the Board of Studies for Oral Medicine at the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, President of Women in Dentistry WA, and on an Expert Advisory panel for Head and Neck Cancer Australia. She was previously chair of the Australasian Sleep Association Dental Sleep Medicine Council. Otherwise, she is on multiple committees and not-for-profit boards in dentistry and health related causes.


    Shida Taheri

    Oral Health Therapist

    Shida Taheri is an Oral Health Therapist from NSW. She is committed to providing oral health where it's needed most. She runs Dental On Demand with her small team of amazing practitioners servicing RACFs, child care centres, home visits, disability facilities and schools. She is an active member of the DHAA Aged Care special interest group and co director of Mobile Dental Providers Australia. She is passionate about increasing access to dental services to all populations of Australia.


    Jacqui Biggar

    Oral Health Therapist

    Jacquie is dual trained and qualified in oral health and dental hygiene. Graduating from TAFESA (2010) and Adelaide University (2012) with awards in special care dentistry Jacquie has also extended her scope completing the Grad Cert in OHS also at Adelaide University (2018). Working in Dentistry for over 17 years she has vast experience in many roles of the dental team and the dental industry. Jacquie is proud to be a company director, a business owner, a volunteer, a clinical educator and mentor. Jacquie’s passion lies with education and improving access to oral care through mobile dentistry.


    Shamus Breen

    Managing Director – Affinity, BMS

    Shamus is the Managing Director of the Australian Affinity office for BMS. Shamus has more than 20 years of industry experience, having served senior roles at two of the major international brokers in the affinity and healthcare sectors.

    His passion for creating meaningful member value for associations and its members has seen him focus on this industry throughout his career as an insurance broker.


    Zaeni Dahlan

    Oral Health Therapist (Indonesia)

    Zaeni is an oral health therapist from Indonesia with more than 25 years of experience. His current position is the registrar for medical technician personnel under the Indonesian Health Workforce Council. He also works as an educator and trainer for several oral health therapy training institutions in Indonesia, his main interest is in the development and implementation of conceptual or theoretical frameworks for dental hygienist and therapist professional practice in Indonesia.






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