Lyn Carman

Rural & Remote Chair

Lyn is a Dental Hygienist graduating from Gilles Plains TAFE in 1986 and has worked in many practices in London, Qld and South Australia. Her early years were spent head down and learning until in 2008 she purchased her first practice – the steepest of learning curves. Lyn has been an employer, a mentor and BDS & BOH clinical tutor.

Lyn is also engaged and involved with the DHAA-BMS Advisory Committee. She is a member on South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, representing the DHAA on the Curriculum Advisory Panel for SA ADOH Dental Hygiene and SA Professional Industry Forum, a member of the DHAA Oral Health Promotions and Public Health Committee, and advocates for rural remote regionals in Australia.

Her passion for Oral Health extends to Timor Leste in a project mentoring a team of local oral health professionals and creating networks for development within their community. As a professional speaker, trainer and presenter Lyn is grateful to be able to share her expertise and passion for all things oral health, along with her love of human behaviour, sharing topics such as self-development, behavioural profiling and team dynamics.

Lyn first became involved in volunteering with DHAA in 2017 as SA Chair and is passionate and dedicated to the Dental Profession and our Association.