More value than ever before

The DHAA is committed to providing superior services and support to meet your Dental Board registration standard requirements and career development needs.

We continuously review and enhance the DHAA membership offer. These include exclusive professional indemnity insurance, access to a pro bono industrial relations hotline, career development support, professional networking, relevant and flexible CPD activities, and a personal CPD management area.


DHAA Professional Indemnity Insurance

Our exclusive insurance program and enhanced membership is industry-leading

Professional Indemnity insurance exists to protect you and pay claims. Regardless of experience and diligence, all practicing healthcare professionals can make an error or omit information and therefore ultimately have a claim made against them. It’s important you have the most comprehensive coverage, and support from experts in insurance, legal and risk management. DHAA has partnered with BMS, a global insurance broker with dedicated teams in Australia & Canada specialising in Allied Health Association Insurance programs. BMS provides coverage for more than 350,000 healthcare and regulated professionals through 50+ associations across many countries.

Membership now has unbeatable value

  • As well as automatically receiving $20m professional indemnity cover, you now have:
  • Broader coverage, including Unlimited Retroactive Cover, and for Legal Defence and Court Attendance costs;
  • 30 minutes of free, confidential advice through a pro bono legal hotline if you receive a notification or have a claim made against you;
  • Increased CPD support on risk management and practice support.

It is important to note that your coverage is on a “claims made” basis, which means you must have coverage at the time a claim is made against you, regardless of when the “incident” took place.
Therefore, you must maintain continuity of professional indemnity cover by renewing your policy annually to ensure you remain protected.
For more details on the insurance being offered visit the BMS website.


DHAA Member Discounts

Save money on a wide range of products and services

From laptops, TVs, smart phones, new cars, fitness club and airline lounge memberships to hotels and holidays, you will make significant savings on a wide range of household brands and gift cards. DHAA brings you outstanding savings and corporate discounts on a wide range of products and services.

All members receive opt in or out of receiving regular emails that highlights the best and latest deals.



CPD Events and Activities

Fun and relevant opportunities across the country

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a critical part of maintaining our professional status. As dental practitioners we are all required to meet the Dental Board of Australia’s registration standard to complete a minimum of 60 hours of CPD activities over a three-year cycle.

DHAA members have access to a variety of timely, relevant, flexible and enjoyable CPD activities that suits different needs.You can pick and choose those that meets your educational needs and domestic situation, and at the same time maintaining your work-life balance.

Some key components of the CPD program include:

  • Live and interactive online webinars to save travel time but maintain connection with experts
  • Fun and engaging local CPD events over breakfast, lunch or supper to catch up with colleagues and up-skilling together
  • Pre-recorded podcasts for individual viewing at your own time and pace, offering maximal flexibility and convenience
  • Single or multiple days national symposium and state seminars for intense learning and enhanced networking
  • Study club resources to support local self-directed learning groups
  • Links to relevant international conferences and education events


Connecting you

Networking and industry updates at your fingertips

As a member you will be kept up to date with relevant legislative and environmental changes that affect dental practices via regular member newsletters and bulletins.

We also connect employers and employees through our employment service and job board.

Through the DHAA website and contact lines, you can access at your finger tip various resources, information, and contacts of people and organisations that you may need throughout your dental and oral health career, from local professional networks to international conferences.