WA - Spring Smiles Full Day Event

Join us at the scenic Abbey Beach Resort in Brusselton for a fun-filled full day event!


Join us for our Spring Smiles full day event featuring five wonderful speakers covering a range of topics such as:

Restorative, atraumatic restorative technique, hall technique & the management of dental trauma. Periodontal, useful secrets of perio treatment. Whitening, maximising clinical outcomes of teeth whitening. Wellness & ergonomics back/spine injury prevention management in the dental profession.


Featuring speakers:

  • Dr Jilen Patel
    How to Apply the ART Technique - Atraumatic restorative technique across a number of cases and age groups & Management of Dental Trauma in the Primary Dentition
  • Dr Emma Morelli  
    Secrets of Periodontics - tips and tricks learned throughout the years
  • Laura Drummond
    Light Bulb Moments - discovering the art of teeth whitening
  • David Hewitt
    Mindful Meditation - the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in promoting better mental health, reducing stress and whole life well being
  • Dr Iain Hennessey
    Spinal Anatomy Refresher - how to prevent spinal injury at work and exercises to improve posture

CPD Hours: 6 hours Scientific/ Non scientific

Our Event Sponsors:

Our event hand hygiene products and masks are kindly sponsored by Erskine Oral Care.

Lecture Synopsis: 

How to Apply the ART Technique - Atraumatic restorative technique across a number of cases and age groups - Dr Jilen Patel

The use and abuse of atraumatic restorative techniques in dentistry has become a well-recognised issue. The advent of new technologies and techniques ranging from GICs to the Hall Technique has increased the available armamentarium for dental clinicians. This lecture will discuss ART and its variations while using a case-based discussion to explore common pitfalls and strategies for success. 

It is unsurprising that traumatic dental injuries (TDIs) are among the most common conditions in childhood. These injuries often present in a sporadic and acute manner to the dental practice and can be stressful for the child, parent and practitioner. This lecture will present an overview of dental trauma in the context of the primary dentition and highlight a systematic approach to examination of TDI’s, their diagnosis and subsequent management strategies.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain the definition and rationale for the Atraumatic Restorative Technique in paediatric dentistry
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of Glass-Ionomer Cements
  • Understand the use of various ART approaches including the use of the Hall Technique
  • Classify the various traumatic dental injuries that can occur in the primary dentition
  • Use a systematic approach in the examination of traumatic dental injuries
  • Understand the diagnosis and subsequent management strategies for traumatic dental injuries in the primary dentition


Secrets of Periodontal Treatment - Dr Emma Morelli 

Secrets of periodontal treatment Synopsis Successfully managing chronic periodontitis depends on many factors. This presentation will explore the factors that can affect the outcome of periodontal treatment, and provide tips for achieving the best possible outcomes. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Outline the expected outcomes with non-surgical periodontal treatment
  • Identify patient factors that contribute to the outcome of periodontal therapy
  • Acknowledge the importance of re-evaluation and ongoing maintenance

Light Bulb Moments - discovering the art of teeth whitening - Laura Drummond

Teeth Whitening is the number one most requested dental procedure by patients. Besides compliance, our biggest hurdles are effectiveness and sensitivity. Laura will share how to increase predictability, avoid sensitivity and build confidence in your teeth whitening results in both standard cases and difficult discolourations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review whitening basics
  • How to maximise clinical outcomes of teeth whitening
  • Learning protocols of basic and advanced teeth whitening techniques


Mindful Self - David Hewitt

This workshop is an excerpt of MMA’s one-day Mindful Amygdala program. Mindful Amygdala aims to inspire a workplace where leaders and staff experience improved job performance, relationships and personal well ``being by making plans to deal with unhealthy personal and workplace stress, anxiety and worry. The workshop aims to inspire conversations around how we engage and deal with workplace pressure and provides mindfulness and meditation tools for managing challenging work environments.

Postural Care, it's Like Flossing Your Spine - Dr Iain Hennessy 

Just like brushing and flossing your teeth everyday is associated with improved oral health, setting yourself up with good spinal posture and regularly stretching and strengthening the muscles of the back and neck leads to improved spinal health.

The postural position adopted whilst working as a dental hygienist is often one which compromises the support structures of your spine, potentially leading to long term damage or degeneration that may haunt you long after your career is over. With a little knowledge of anatomy, combined with creating some food habits with personal positioning and posture while working and regular strengthening of postural muscles, much of the risk of causing spinal degeneration and injury can be considerably reduced.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the process of how poor posture leads to spinal injuries and degeneration 
  • Learn how to adapt posture at work to minimise risk of injury to the spine and associated musculature
  • Demonstrate simple postural exercises to help manage stress on the spine 

Speaker Biographies

Dr Jilen Patel
DClinDent (Paediatric Dentistry)
Dr Jilen Patel is a specialist paediatric dentist who completed his postgraduate training at the University of Western Australia and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. He is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Dentistry at the UWA Dental School and Consultant at Perth Children’s Hospital. Jilen is both a clinician and an academic actively involved with the provision of oncall and emergency services at Perth Children’s Hospital as well as teaching and research in the field of cariology, paediatric dentistry and dental traumatology.

He is the recipient of several grants and awards including the GC minimum intervention award for research in cariology and is a principle investigator for an Australian-first clinical trial on the use of Silver Diamine Fluoride to arrest caries among vulnerable children. He has previously received both the RACDS emerging lecturer award and was also named the 2019 West Australian Young Achiever of the year award recognising his work with vulnerable and medically compromised children and his volunteer efforts in remote Kimberley communities.


Dr Emma Morelli
DClinDent (Periodontics)
Emma completed her undergraduate dental degree at UWA in 2004. She worked in private general practice in Bunbury and Busselton for twelve years before moving to Dunedin, New Zealand to undertake post-graduate study in Periodontics. On completion of her Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in 2019 she moved back to Western Australia. In 2020 she worked at a specialist periodontal practice in Perth and this year opened her own practice in Bunbury, Bunbury Periodontics.


Laura Drummond
Dental Hygienist
Laura Drummond is a passionate Dental Hygienist with a special interest in Continuing Professional Development. With over 18 years’ clinical experience in private practice, she continues to enjoy both clinical work and professional education and training. Laura is a speaker and presenter with a professional interest in; Remineralisation, Stannous Fluoride, Fluoride Alternatives and Bleaching options for vital teeth. Her knowledge in teeth whitening has been built from successfully whitening the teeth of over 500 patients in concert with study and a keen learning under both local and global authorities within the industry; including professors, prosthodontists and cosmetic dentists.


David Hewitt
David builds connections with schools and non-education organisations at Mindful Meditation Australia to help them implement mindfulness practices. A key part of what he does is to inspire a workplace that brings about improved culture, relationships and personal well-being. His career spans across education - government, independent and international sectors - as a Principal and Education Advisor spending nearly a decade working for not-for-profit, professional, educational associations whilst obtaining a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration along the way. "The best thing about my job - I get to help our community discover a greater self-awareness when it comes to mental, emotional, physical, intellectual, social and environmental health. It's a chance to make a meaningful difference to people's lives".


Dr Iain Hennessey
Dr Iain Hennessy (Chiropractor), Graduated from Murdoch university in 2009 with Merit Honors and Dux of his graduating year. Since graduating Iain has been in Private Practice running multiple Chiropractic Clinics including weekly clinics at a Mine Site in Remote WA and nearby country town, along with a Perth based clinic in Subiaco. Dr Hennessy is also a member of the clinician team at Murdoch University overseeing 5th year students in the Murdoch University Chiropractic clinic. Outside of his Chiropractic practice, Iain is a Reebok Sponsored Athlete, international trainer and presenter for Les Mills Asia Pacific, working to train and up-skill fitness instructors through Australia and Asia.


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17/09/2022 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
W. Australia Standard Time
Abbey Beach Resort 595 Bussell Highway Busselton, WA 6380 AUSTRALIA
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